The Work of Alexandre Gama Spans Across Generations

Alexandre Gama could teach the new generation of creative entrepreneurs in the fields of advertising and communications a thing or two about longevity. Starting his professional career in 1982, Alexandre Gama is still making waves in the creative field with his leading edge thinking and his talent for artful expression. Just recently, his Johnnie Walker campaign won a Cannes Film Festival Golden Lion Award. Gama’s lifelong passion for advertising is showing no signs of slowing down, and his background and past successes have only built a strong foundation for his work to continue to grow and impact the world overall. His success didn’t just came later in life as he became more knowledgeable and experienced. From his early years in advertising and communications, Gama was met with immediate success as a copywriter for advertising agencies at first and then again as a budding entrepreneur. The Brazilian native has built an amazing career that has stood the test of time, and his work now spans across generations.

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