Anthony Petrello On Welcoming Their Local Broadway Star Home With A Fantastic Party

Respected CEO Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia welcomed prized celebrity Broadway performer Tommy Tune back to his hometown of Houston, Texas. The charitable duo invited the Miller Outdoor Theatre advisory board members and 50 of their close friends to their home for a fun get together.

Tommy performed at the Miller Outdoor Theatre his act called “Tommy Tune Tonight.” Over 5,000 of his fans came out to see him perform that night. The Broadway actor learned from only the best, Patrick Swayze who taught Tune how to dance gracefully and graduated from Lamar High a fantastic school located in Houston. Shadyside estate (The Petrellos home) was magnificent that night adorning all the colors of fall. Entertainment was there courtesy of piano player Scott Graham and Divisi Strings Amp’d. Drinks and appetizers from City Kitchen very just simply delicious and had the guest raving about it. “Seesaw”, “My One and Only”, “Grand Hotel”, “A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine”, “The Will Rogers Follies”, and “Nine” were all shows that Tony was awarded for appearing in. Houston, Texas even created the Tommy Tune Awards after the famous Broadway star.

Tony (short for Anthony) and his wife are well known for giving back. They have a heart of gold that extends out into the community. Mr. Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer at Nabors Drilling and is also an active philanthropist. He and his wife have donated over $7 million dollars to medical research, especially when it comes to childhood neurological disorders. This subject is close to heart for the caring duo because their daughter suffers from a neurological disorder and is constantly at the hospital. She was born premature and was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia by her doctor. This took a major toll on the family and the young girl also developed cerebral palsy and other problems when it came to her development early in life.

Anthony and his wife Cynthia are always looking for new treatments for their daughter so she can live a happy life. It is unimaginable how devastating it would be to have your children suffer like that. The Petrellos are dedicated to finding a cure better treatment and donating to this type of research certainly moves it in the right direction. Tony himself grew up poor but to a loving family. He worked extremely hard to make a name for himself and did so with little no no resources.

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