Securus Technologies Leader in Correctional Field Since 1986

Securus Technologies was born when two of the leading correctional firms in the business, T-Netix, and Evercom, merged in 1986. The company has been growing rapidly ever since and is a dominating name in the correctional field. The company has made massive progress in the last few years as far as developing correctional technology is concerned. Securus Technologies was amongst the first to improve a system of restricting the entry of contraband phones in the correctional facilities. Since its inception till now, Securus Technologies has acquired numerous businesses, including 20 government services and exclusive partner agreements. The company recently also acquired Jpay Inc, which is a correctional firm that offers the inmates with the opportunity to send and receive payments online.


Securus Technologies has been widely appreciated by the law enforcement agencies for the services it provides as it has helped in arresting the criminals and convicting them in the court of law. The companies these days have to stay on the top of their game to survive, and Securus Technologies has been able to do that with utter precision. Many of the law enforcement officers that have used the company’s services say that it is impossible to work efficiently without the use of Securus Technologies’ investigative services. It has helped in reducing the supply of contraband materials inside the prison and provided monitoring technology that helps in keeping track of the suspects.


Securus Technologies recently released a web release, where it posted many positive comments from its users. Securus Technologies believe that it is essential for the companies to be transparent in their approach to gain the trust of the customers. The positive feedback by many of its users was on display in the press release the company published without the personal details. It helped many potential customers know about the different company is making in supporting the law enforcement agencies and the inmates.