Ross Abelow, Leading New York Attorney Starts Campaign On GoFundMe For Helpless Animals

Ross Abelow is a leader attorney working out of New York City. The big city is a competitive place, but Ross distinguishes himself above the rest with his extensive experience in the industry along with his moral and ethical standards. Ross Abelow is currently hosting a campaign to help homeless and starving animals fending for themselves in the city. He has been living in New York for a long time and sees the issue of strays every day. Winter is an especially hard time for the animals that are homeless due to the plummeting temperatures. Currently, most animal shelters are above their capacity and do not have the necessary means to provide for any more animals. Knowing this, Ross decided to to his part and set up his GoFundMe campaign in order to help animal shelters with costs.

Ross has a passion for his legal career, but he is also very dedicated to being involved in the community. His campaign is a great way to bring people together to raise funds in the local area in order to help stray animals. There are many animal lovers out there, and this may be the only chance for all the animals that cannot manage to fend for themselves, especially without the care of an animal shelter.

The campaign Ross set up had a goal to reach $5000 on GoFundMe. All money raised by the project will go directly to the aid of animals in distress. This money will help animal shelters cater to the needs of helpless animals by providing food, medicine, and more shelter.

When Abelow is using his spare time to take part in community activities, he is practicing law as operating partner at Abelow and Cassandro LLP. Ross’s specialties revolves around family and matrimonial law, entertainment law, and commercial litigation. He also actively takes part in writing blogs to give his advice on various legal and financial matters. This information can also be found on his social media pages, where he stays active as well.

For those who are passionate about animals or their pets, donating to this GoFundMe campaign is a worthwhile cause, as it will help many animals in desperate need. Any and all questions about the fund can be asked through the main funding page.

New York Attorneys-Ross Abelow, in a Class by Himself

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