Freedom Pop Is Changing Everything We Know About Wifi

Free Finally Means Free

There are so many ISPs offering mobile internet these days, but all too often there are fees hidden in the entire process. Thanks to Freedom Pop you no longer have to put up with that. The lowest tier plan for Freedom Pop is literally free and you can receive every month. If you run out of data you don’t even have to purchase more. You can simply earn more data and continue to access the internet that way.



A New Model To Follow

The Freedom Pop model allows you to upgrade your plan as you see fit and gives you exactly what you are promised. If you want unlimited data, you’ll actually receive unlimited data with the service plan they offer you. There are plenty of ISPs out there that promise this, but they rarely offer exactly what you’ll get out of Freedom Pop. Freedom Pop understands that you want to save money on your phone bill and they offer you the perfect strategy to do that. The savings are huge with Freedom Pop but the quality of the service is never substandard.



Saving On That Phone Bill

Freedom Pop’s greatest benefit is helping you saving on your phone bill. When you want to make calls or browse the internet, everything you do counts against your monthly allowance. With Freedom Pop you no longer have to worry about this but can instead choose to forgo using up your data and save money in the process. Anyone interested in saving a bundle would do well to choose Freedom Pop. This is a brand wired towards those who want more out of their ISP. You’ve heard of free data before, but now you’ll finally have a chance to experience what that means.


How To Use Securus Technologies To Your Advantage

If you are aware of what some of today’s most technologically advanced forms of communication programs are, then perhaps you are familiar with the interface of Securus Technologies. It is a wonderfully designed and built program that has brought on myriads of benefits to its users and society as a whole. First we will get into how it has positively affected its immediate users.


Securus Technologies has initially been designed and engineered to provide inmates with an opportunity of being able to stay in contact with those outside of jail who they may have had close relations with. It’s important to note that although there are ways to communicate with others via means of visitations in which visitors set up an appointment to travel to the correctional institution in which the inmate is in, setting up a time to visit at a convenient time for the visitor(s) isn’t necessarily always possible. Jails are quite busy oftentimes, and as a result, they find themselves lacking in the flexibility they can offer to visitors in appointment scheduling. If you’re wanting to schedule visitation appointments that are flexible and accommodating to your schedule, then it’s highly recommended for you to utilize Securus Technologies as it enables people to take advantage of an opportunity in which they can conveniently utilize the program at times when they are able to. It allows the users to chat via video chat methods, making visitation easy, fun, and convenient.


Securus Technologies is also beneficial for police officers and the government as it can be a catalyst in solving crimes in the sense that they can use whatever is said as evidence for beginning an investigation, or many, should there be anything stated that are relevant to crimes that are occurring or have occurred in the facilities where the inmate is in.


A Professional Investor’s Top Tips

Do you want to raise your net worth or beef up your retirement portfolio? If you do, you should be introduced to Sam Tabar, a prominent business attorney and capital strategist from New York City.

Mr. Tabar advises the casual investor to approach commodity trading with caution, if at all. Commodity trading is risky because it is more sensitive to changes in its respective market sector such as global economic development, technological advances, market demand, and major disruptions in supply. These changes are often difficult or even impossible to predict. Sam Tabar advises that commodity investors have “the financial wherewithal to absorb the potential short term losses often found in such a volatile sector.”

Mutual funds are often a good fit for the casual, cautious investor. Mutual funds are investment programs that diversify funds collected from a pool of investors across a wide range of securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and similar assets to meet the investment objectives of the investors as a group. Sam Tabar also encourages investment in privately owned businesses. According to Mr. Tabar, investment in socially conscious startup businesses is a good way make money and help others as well.

However you prefer to invest, Sam Tabar’s most two most important tips are: 1) make sure your portfolio is properly diversified and 2) the best time to invest is the present. “You want to make sure that you do not have all your eggs in one basket when that hot stock comes back down to Earth,” says Tabar and also adds, “You do not want to look back in your retirement years and wish you had begun investing sooner.”

Sam Tabar began as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP; was Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development at SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors; worked for Bank of America Merrill Lynch as Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific region; and lent his legal expertise to Schulte Roth & Zabel as Senior Associate working with hedge funds, fund formation and structure, and regulatory and compliance issues. Sam Tabar received his B.A. with honors from Oxford University and his law degree from Columbia Law School where he was Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review.

Brian Torchin: Creating Success & Making Connections in Health Care

Brian Torchin is the President of Health Care Recruitment Counselors Staffing, LLC, which is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Health Care Recruitment Counselors, or HCRC, specifically focuses on staffing jobs within Chiropractic facilities, Physical Therapy positions, and other medical positions.

The HCRC offers not only offers professional consulting services but conducts background checks and thorough training of staff, in order to provide best applicants for clients.

Wellness International said that Brian Bonar company boasts a client base of 200, located throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He focuses on the importance of collaboration with various groups and utilizing the positive factors of integration within medical care and services offered to patients. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

Building long-term relationships with clients is the key to HCRC Staffing’s success, in addition to providing solutions which over-deliver on client satisfaction while maximizing financial resources.

According to Glass Door, Brian Torchin comes from a background of staffing, managing, and opening medical offices in Delaware, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Brian received his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware.

He worked for many years in Chiropractic Medicine before he decided to develop HCRC Staffing. Brian saw a need to help bridge the gap between employment seeking medical professionals and hospitals.

Brian’s passion for medicine and building connections between clients, staff, and improving patient care, came about after realizing how challenging it can be for medical professionals to find work.

Due to Brian’s extensive knowledge and skills, HCRC Staffing is the leading full-service staffing and consulting firm in health care, according to

Brian Torchin has been written about in Digital Journal and on When he is not busy expanding his health care business, he makes time to post in-depth blogs related to his industry.

Title Clearing Is Simplified By Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc.

The title clearing platform set up by Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC), is making a big impact in the mortgage industry as most of the customers and mortgage firms are queuing for its accurate title reports. The online title clearing service cum title report was launched in 2014 to assist both buyers and sellers, and banks to avoid any unforeseen issues found with the title. It should be noted that title issues are considered to be one of the major issues in real estate sector for a long time.



A clear title of the property is very important to ensure the smooth processing and servicing of the mortgage and necessary to avoid any legal disputes including wrongful foreclosures. The executives of NTC confirms that the title defects are arising due to someone else claiming the property that belongs to a different person. NTC has confirmed that even simple documentation errors or procedural errors may lead to title defects and some of them are simple issues of wording in documents which are not coming under real estate standards in the area, signature of all the involved parties are not included, previous liens or other issues are not removed, failed to follow the recording procedures during documentation etc.



According to John Hillman, CEO of NTC, it is important to address the title defects well in advance so that the buyer or the seller won’t face any issues later. To enable a speedy resolution of title defects, NTC made some of the important documents available online. It includes Assignment Verification Report, Current Owner Report, Tax Status Report and Tax Status (Plus) Report. Hillman said that the firm’s reports are based the research of actual documents, and users can get these reports nationwide.



What makes NTC unique is that it verifies the information available from different sources including counties to other departments. The process that is followed by NTC is assuring accurate results to all the customers and are completely reliable. It should be noted that NTC uses both human verification and automated verification to ensure the accuracy of the results and documents they provide. This dual process is also coupled with quick delivery of service, and hence all the major financial institutions in the country are using its services.



Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is the leading research and document-processing firm that has expertise in audit, document processing services, and expert research for mortgage lenders, investors, servicers, etc. The company was founded in 1991, and it is based in Palm Harbor, FL.




What Copa Star has to Offer

Copa Star is a state of the art facility with high technology, personalized attention, and high-quality standards. The hospital offers its patients exceptional medical care with the best and latest medical equipment. The hospital serves the Rio de Janeiro community and all references in the whole of Brazil. Copa Star has nine operating rooms with three of these rooms having state-of-the-art equipment on One room focuses on neurosurgery with a magnetic resonance imaging device together with Neuro Navigator. There is another room known as a hybrid room that has hemodynamics and robotic angiograph. The third room is known as the Robot room that has the Da Vinci robot which assists in minimally invasive surgeries. Copa Star has an intensive care center that offers exclusive accommodation to patients. It has a private bathroom and the comfort to stay for the patient’s companion. The hospital ensures that the patient’s stay in the hospital is comfortable and has caregivers who are there to cater for any need of the patient.

The Copa Star has created the Smart Hospitality System that is made to enhance the well-being of the patients together with that of their companion. This technology allows you to control the temperature and brightness of the room using a tablet. A person can also use this system to make video calls to the medical assistant and the nursing team on This system is only designed for Copa Star Hospital. The Hospital has therapy support and diagnostic equipment that include SPECT/CT. It has 16 channels and Dual Energy Tomography. The equipment at Copa Star ensures that the doctor gets a clear examination of the patient.

The Copa Star has sophisticated and harmonic environments that add comfort and beauty to space which has been decorated by Yutaka Toyota, a plastic artist. Copa Star offers a hotel service which is made up of trained professionals that provide personalized services to patients and their families. Copa Star has a gourmet restaurant known as BemStar Restaurant. It is dedicated to providing the best when it comes to its patients. The restaurant offers a menu with a high gastronomic standard and meets the needs of a quality and healthy cuisine.

The Copa Star has the most qualified and experienced medical staffs who offer personalized care to their patients. The hospital provides medical services under different specialties. These include the following:
• Cardiology
• Heart Arrhythmia
• Interventional Cardiology
• Cardiac surgery
• Vascular surgery
• General surgery
• Vascular surgery
• Nuclear medicine
• Intensive care medicine
• Neurosurgery
• Radiology/ intensive therapy/ digital radiology

The Copa Star Hospital has made a name for itself as a state-of-the-art hospital that provides its patients all that is required to make their stay there comfortable and enjoyable.

Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes Sam Boraie Chair

Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science has established a few months ago at Rutgers Cancer Institute. The purpose is to facilitate research in precision medicine. An endowed chair is regarded as the gold standard when it comes to higher education. It shows the commitment of the Institute to higher levels of an academic discipline. The person after whom the chair is named is the real estate developer of Brunswick, Omar Boraie, reveals Yahoo. He pledged an amount one-and-half million to support the cancer institute. It is a part of Rutgers University’s eighteen chair campaign. In this challenge, the anonymous donor provides an amount of one-and-half million dollars. The information was published on newswire 21 October 2015.

In this modern era, everything including the fields of precision medicine and genomic science is changing. It has compelled the medical professionals to change their approach towards diagnosing and treating cancer. The field is related to analysis and treatment of the tumor. It allows oncologists to bring better outcomes through individualized therapies. President Obama during his last State of the Union Address said that he was launching a national initiative for precision medicine. The initiative would focus on the treatment of cancer and several other diseases. There are many centers for cancer that are performing gene sequencing to find a cancer cure. However as the NY Times stated on a report, the first and the only institute to use genomic sequencing is Rutgers Cancer Institute.

Genomic sequencing is vital for finding therapies of rare cancer problems that presently have ineffective or limited treatments. The advancement in precision medicine is increasing the process of classifying sub-categories of cancers with separate genetics and similar characteristics. It facilitates predicting better outcomes for the patients and enables doctors to proceed with tailored cancer therapies.

On occasion, Sam Boraie said that the scientists and physicians working at the Rutgers Cancer Institute are doing a great job in the advancement of precision medicine. It is very helpful for patients with unresponsive cancers. One can imagine how good would it be if all patients with cancer get the benefit of this science. The pledge is intended to support this great work which can exceed the goal and satisfy everyone. He further said that the anonymous pledge of his family might also inspire other people to donate money for this noble cause. The Director of Rutgers Cancer Institute Robert S. DiPaola, MD said that Omar Boraie is playing a leading role in making New Brunswick a fully developed healthcare city. His support in genomic science will leave a long lasting effect on the research and treatment of cancer.

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Brazilian Airline GOL Reports A Third Quarter Profit In 2016

The news that Brazil is emerging from a major recession is everywhere. General Motors recently published a statement that the company expects car and truck sales to top 2.4 million in 2017. President Temer has proposed a government spending cap that will keep Brazil focused on turning the economic growth around and GOL, the Brazilian airline company, recently posted a third quarter profit of more than $24 million. The airline lost money in the same quarter in 2015.

Consumers are coming back and spending money and exports are up except for oil exports and a couple of other commodities. Foreign investors are coming back to Brazil. Investors are putting money into the energy sector and other industries. These positive signs and a few more has stimulated the press to publish positive articles about Brazil lately. Business leaders like Flavio Maluf, the CEO of building material supplier Eucatex, is just one of the entrepreneurs that think 2017 will be a turnaround year for his country.

Eucatex is a good example of how much Brazil has changed over the last ten years. Flavio has been in charge of family-owned Eucatex since 1997. During his tenure as CEO, Eucatex has become a major force in the building material industry. Eucatex is not just a domestic supplier of floorboards, paints, varnishes, and ceiling tiles. Eucatex is an international source for construction companies and home improvement stores.

The Eucatex story is well-known in Brazil. A Sao Paulo sawmill decides to invent a new product from excess eucalyptus wood lying around the sawmill in the 1950s. The demand for the wood tiles was too much for the Americana Sawmill Americana to handle, so Flavio grandfather started Eucatex to handle the demand for ceiling tiles in the domestic market. Word got out that a small Sao Paulo company was producing inexpensive but durable ceiling tiles. In the early 1960s, Eucatex was shipping ceiling tiles to other South American countries.

Thirty years later, Flavio Maluf joined the company, and he learned every aspect of the domestic and export business. Ten years later, Maluf was named president, and that is when Eucatex started to sell more products to the international market.

Billy McFarland Helps People Live Their Dreams

While many people do find themselves living a mediocre life, there are a ton of people who actually have dreams of enjoying a lot of benefits that come with luxurious lifestyle. Fortunately, Billy McFarland is able to help people that want to live the dream.

There are a lot of dreams of VIP status in clubs and getting to enjoy a lot of the fun that comes with this. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland has put together Magnises in order to help people live that dream. The membership allows people to go to many different clubs and events so that they could enjoy the respect and the prioritization.

Billy is also working with people who are trying to run a successful business. This is where Spling comes in. His company, Spling, focuses on improving the appearance of URLs. One thing that is certain is that the internet carries a lot of complicated and sloppy looking URLs.

Often times, these types of addresses are too complicated to type down. Even without the typing, it is often very messy to look at and can cause people to shy away from the site. Fortunately, Spling takes the URL and turns it into an image so that people will be more likely to click on it.

One thing that Billy enjoys and wants others to experience is the successful and fun lifestyle. This includes people being able to celebrate and travel to different events.

One of the ways he is able to do that for people is by getting them passes to not only the events that they know about, but making them aware of events that they wouldn’t have known about earlier. This makes it easier for them to enjoy the type of life that they always dreamed about as well as learn some new things.

Property Reports Made Easy—Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing Company has responded to action calls regarding title defects. For this reason, they have made an advancement to make these reports accessible through their online ordering application form. One of the major concerns affecting the real estate industry in the recent past is the title defects. For most people, this has been a major concern. For others, they feel that they may be part of the wrongful foreclosures occurring to other people. According to the company, they have developed this online ordering application form to assist people to boo their title forms in due time before it is too late. For those who want to confirm the titles, this is the best place to first start your title search.


Nationwide Title Clearing also have the capability to hold title clearing to help reduce the risk of buy backs due to clear title conveyance and the inability of foreclosure. Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading document-processing and research for the financial and mortgage industries. As a matter of fact, the company has made the whole process of securing properties much simpler. For the company, they have launched an updated website to make these reports accessible through their online platform.


While there are many causes of title defects, most of these defects occur when an entity or person lays claim to a property that does not belong to them. However, there are other causes of title defects. Many other factors would render the title defective. For this reason, here is a list of possible defectors.


  • Failure to follow the filing and recording procedures during the record of the real estate documents.
  • Other encumbrances and other previous liens that are still attached to the property title deed. This title deed must have no other commitments attached to it.
  • Failure to include a party signature that has all the necessities required to complete the transaction. These include the spouse or partner signature.
  • There can be simple issues in the title deed including wording that can render it invalid. Some of these wording issues may not comply with the real estate standards in that state.


For all these reasons stated above, the key to any transaction is to address these issues before the operation is done for you to enjoy a seamless transaction, this company will be there to walk with you through every path of the road. Before you sell the property, address these issues first.