Michael Hagele, Legal Counsel

Michael Hagele has a small legal business located in California. Looking at his office and location, you would never know that this businessman has traveled the world and has worked with many famous people. He has offered his services to many businesses who are looking to expand and obtain financial backing. His expertise in this field of law is well known.

Michael Hagele has also invested his own money in several different business ventures and has made himself a very rich man. His main focus of business is the internet and communications. Michael Hagele feels that the future of technology is in Artificial Intelligence. This is the latest phase of his focus. Follow Michael Hagele at tumblr.com

He received a bachelor of applied science degree from the University of Iowa in the field of law and has been in practice for several years. He began by working at large law firms where he honed his craft and after learning all he could, he opened a private practice. He had many contacts from his work at previous agencies and those clients were eager to move their business to Michael’s firm. He continues to work on expanding his clientele all the time. His reputation and skill is impeccable.

He has negotiated deals domestically and internationally and is known to close his cases quickly. This is ideal for his clients since their fields are ever changing and progressing. Online commerce is another field he has ventured into recently and he is showing much success there also. The internet is growing rapidly and he knows the importance on protecting companies from any potential harm online. Michael Hagele has worked with several famous people, negotiating contracts and salary agreements. His clients feel that he is a competent attorney who has a vast knowledge and understanding of all different fields of work.

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