Manse on Marsh Received the Caring Star Award Again this Year

The Manse on Marsh is located in Arroyo Grande San Luis Obispo and is honored to be the recipient of the Caring Star Award for two years in a roll. Manse on Marsh is an independent assisted living community that has an overall 5-star rating.

This year to receive this award assisted living communities must have received an overall average rating of at least 4 stars, have no unresolved negative reviews and must have earned at least one 5-star review from December 1st of 2014 through September 30th, 2015. These reviews and star ratings are based on consumer feedback in the senior care directory. Manse on Marsh not only met this criterion they exceeded it.

They have like previously mentioned an overall five-star review rating and received 5 5 Star reviews on Yelp within the time frame that was considered for this award. The Arroyo Grande Assisted Living facility as well as senior care searcher online have conducted research that shows the majority of individuals rely on internet-based consumer reviews when making their decision to join the Manse on Marsh community. It is online where you can find a breakdown of the comprehensive care planning system that is provided at the Manse on Marsh.

They offer a la carte care and assistance services assuring that residents only receive the care they need and do not pay for services that they do not utilize. The Manse on Marsh offers things such as meal reminders, bathing and grooming services, medication management, cooking services, transportation services and more to the residents in their community.

The staff at Manse on Marsh is dedicated to providing you with the care and assistance that you need while allowing you to maintain as much independence as you like. The Manse on Marsh assisted living community is centrally located to many different dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Many of which are within a short walking distance. To learn more about Manse on Marsh, check out their website at!

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