Krishen Iyer Interview

Krishen Iyer is a CEO of a company named Managed Benefit Services. What he believes in is that communication should be seen as an important element of his work, believing that it must be used for a better increase of success. He has been one of the well known individuals who has made his company rely on the importance of communication both on his own and with his company. Krishen Iyer stated that his career used curiosity and a strong use of details where they help his work as an online entrepeneur. His main inspiration for working with online marketing was when he was enrolled in Grossmont College and San Diego State University. The latter school was the one he graduated from, and earning his bachelor’s degree sparked his online business career.


Quick Link Marketing, now known as Managed Benefit Services, is the company Krishen Iyer owns. He stated that he created it mostly because he felt there was a need for a service like the one he created. Iyer states that he tends to focus on making his schedule suitable for his job given that he has to work with client interfacing at the beginning off his day, and focusing on the rest of his day with other client responsibilities while making sure he is prepared to keep them in mind as his day goes on. When it comes to sparking life into his ideas, Iyer believes that communication creates inspiration for them; this also relates to his excitement in seeing how better marketing analytics can improve the communication with his clients. Krishen Iyer believes that the best way for being an online entrepreneur is to always ask for questions on ways to improve, as well as use communication as a talent and skill for others to learn from.


Krishen Iyer – Partner at Quick Link Marketing online