JHSF under Jose Auriemo Neto Takes Brazil Real Estate Sector to the Next Level

JHSF is among the biggest real estate companies in Brazil. It is in the lead when it comes to the real estate sector in the world. It is involved in both the residential and commercial markets. In its operations, the company uses mixed large-scale business. The company is known for its ability to identify new business opportunities. Among the company’s most notable efforts is also the ability to develop innovations. The real estate company also generates a positive impact on the region.

There are four business units in JHSF. They include malls, hotel and restaurant development, financial and asset acquisition, and airport units. Large luxurious projects are also among the company’s notable projects. Sao Paulo, Brazil, Latin America, Punta del Leste, San Roque, and Uruguay are some places in the world that the company has the luxurious projects.

In the past few years, the company has introduced new services and businesses. The introduction of luxury hotels, management of shopping malls, and the development of residential projects, as well as commercial plots, has been witnessed. JHSF has taken the lead in the real estate technological world too. The decision involves the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. This is the most updated Microsoft software management version of cloud.javascript.void (0). AlfaPeople, Brazil commanded the process of implementation.

The JHSF technological advancements were divided into four parts. It also took fifteen months for the whole process to be completed. Customized services to their current and future customers was the main objective of technological advancement. The technological advancement would also enable easier management process of customers. A unique customer support experience is what the technology will focus on. This was driven by its large number of areas, products as well as services which needed better customer relations.

The real estate company realized the great need to bring products and services that are in line with its customer needs. It did put the customers’ needs in mind by adopting a system that allowed a full view of their customers. The database was centralized thus allowing a convenient and easy way to view the information that was generated. The different departments of the company generated information. JHSF came up with a solution that involved the CRM system pioneering of high quality. There was also the buildup of a database with customers from all its divisions. The analyzation of each piece of information would bring each customer’s needs into focus.