How a Reputation Management Firm Rebuilt its Own Reputation

What do you do when your company takes a hit in their reputation? Well, you turn to a reputation management firm like Status Labs.

And that’s just what Status Labs did when their reputation was dragged through the mud by a former executive. However, Status Labs knew they would OK, after all, this is what they do.

Status Labs in an online reputation management firm who specialize in engaging their client’s audience with insightful and thought-provoking content. The aim of this content is to help their client’s drive participation from their audience and to help them translate that back into sales.

With their headquarters in Austin, Texas but with offices in New York and Brazil, Status Labs can truly claim to have a global insight into the industry of online reputation management.

When Darius Fisher, President and Co-Founder of Status Labs, found his company fall under scrutiny he knew what to do.

“We began our own slow-but-steady rebuild by making a change in leadership,” Fisher said. “Our employees unanimously called for the resignation of the executive in question.”

But that was only the first step. Fisher knew they had to be proactive and get their own face out in the public.

“Our public relations team then took this news to the media along with an open letter from our Status Labs employees and a team photo.”

The aim of this move was to put a face, or this case faces to the company.

“we implemented a stock option plan so employees could earn equity into the business,” Fisher said.

They even began catering lunch, encouraging employees to bring pets, and scheduled group outings such as kayaking trips.

Now with a better understanding of what their clients are going through, and a stronger team than ever to help serve those clients, Status Labs are excited what their future holds.

“I feel better than ever before about the company culture, our growth, and the future of Status Labs,” Fisher concluded.

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