Fabletics: A Fabulous Company With a Fantastic Co-Owner

What customers are often affected by “the power of the crowd.” People read the personal recommendations of others and take them to heart and put as much as faith in those reviews as much as they do the opinions of people that they know. Shrewd and practical brands get an advantage from this change in the way customers act with review-centric marketing strategies and Fabletics is one of these companies/brands.


Fabletics is one of these companies/brands that have put to use the growth in customers reading the reviews made by the general public. Since they opened for business in the year 2013, it has grown over 200 percent to make more than $235 million in revenue .as well as having over one-million customers that pay for a membership. The Corporate Marketing Officer of Techstyle ( Fabletics parent company), Shawn Gold gives credit to the majority of the success of Fabletics to enthusiastically and willingly accepting user reviews, or the crowd which is why they have grown so quickly.


Fabletics has grown so quickly by using customer reviews to their maximum advantage in the journey of the customer today. The reviews of customers may directly drive more customer acquisition, having more loyal customers, and retaining customers for brands across industries. The famous actress Kate Hudson also plays a great role in the success of Fabletics.


When celebrities are seen on the red carpet, it is often that they were part of a movie or television show. However, that is not always the case. That does not mean that the regular celebrities and the paparazzi that are part of any Hollywood event, but this event is a bit like no other. Instead of promoting a movie or television show, all the people that are there in attendance is there to celebrate the first-ever collaboration of Fabletics and music star Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato has nothing but good to say about Fabletics.


Demi Lovato loves Fabletics. In June of this year, she said, “I love Fabletics. The clothes are so cute, but most importantly I love what they stand for,” said Demi Lovato. “The company is all about inspiring women and empowering them to be the best version of themselves, to be strong, and it doesn’t matter what shape, or size, or age. It’s just about empowering women and I love that.” That is what Fabletics has been about since they opened for business in the year 2013.


Since Fabletics was created in the year 2013, Fabletics has been all about being a fashion-forward athleisure brand, with the goal of being empowering and inclusive. In just three-and-a-half years, Kate Hudson and her employees have expanded a little startup company into a $250 million company. That is quite a task for an actress that has no experience or training in the field of business which is why the founders of Techstyle Adam Goldberg and Don Ressler wanted her to be their business partner.


Kate Hudson accepted their offer and quickly became involved in the business from reviewing the budgets to picking a social media strategy. She is always involved in the design so the designs stay fresh and original and she also reviews the sales numbers on a weekly basis to know what items sell and what items don’t. Hudson made customer service and quality a priority by improving their customer service department and getting a new data system to keep track of inventory. As previously mentioned, they have $250 million in sales this year and they also 1.2 million members. They also have 22 retail stores and plan to open more in the future. By partnering with Techstyle, Fabletics has become a fabulous company with a fantastic co-owner, Kate Hudson.

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