Explosive Accusations Levied Against Prosecuting Attorney George Gascon

Now that crusading San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has brought criminal charges against members of the city’s police department, members of the Police Officer Association are hitting back with some serious charges of their own.


The San Francisco Police Department has a long history of allegations of discrimation and homophobia. In response to the charges, Gascon set up a task force to look into the allegation. In the midst of this, Gascon called a press conference announcing misdemeanor and felony charges would be filed against 4 current and former deputies.


The former president of the Police Officers Association, Gary Delagnes, says in his meetings with the prosecuting attorney, he didn’t seem to be too concerned at all with the goings on of the department, and even gave them praise. Delagnes says the district attorney is acting one way in public and entirely different when among certain peers.


Delagnes went on to make an explosive charge against Gascon that raised many eyebrows. According to Delagnes, he and POA President Martin Halloran attended a dinner in 2010 with Gascon. Delagnes says Gascon was drinking heavily and making racially charged comments about minorities.


The account was backed up by at last two other witnesses. Delagnes says he decided to expose Gascon after reading the details of the discrimination report. He says Gascon is being very disingenuous.

When confronted with the charges, department spokesperson Alex Bastian says Gascon is basically making up the story. Delagnes stands by his accusations and says he will expose more if called to testify during the hearings.

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