End Citizens United Wants To Change Campaign Financing

Political campaigns in America are often financed so much that money is the only thing required to get elected. Someone who wishes to make a change in the political landscape must have countless dollars, and this is not how it should be. End Citizens Unite is ensuring that they are getting their message out about changing campaign finances laws. The country must make a change to avoid unfair elections, and this article shows how End Citizens United wishes to make a difference.


#1: What Is End Citizens United?


End Citizens United is an organization that wishes to educate the public about campaign finance. They want to remove big money from government, and they are hoping that the public will learn why big money is corrupting government. They are publishing as much content as possible to teach the public about what is going wrong, and the plan to use their social media influence to their advantage.


#2: Their Social Media Platform


The social media platform that End Citizens United uses helps them publish content for the public. Anyone who checks their social media will find many different stories on their pages that will educate them many times over. There are many people who will have their eyes opened because of the things that they have read online, and End Citizens United hopes to show the public that there is a connection between government corruption and big money.


#3: They Will Help Eliminate Special Interests


The special interests that are changing government will be removed from government when the laws are changed, and End Citizens Unite will change the face of government because a change in government will remove all special interest money. The money need not be replaced, and it will be used for better purposes. The legislators who are voting on this will remove all the extra money that fuels their campaigns, and they must be convinced that this is good for the country.


#4: Raising Money


There are many people helping End Citizens United raise money, and they will find that the fundraisers are quite a lot of fun to put together. They have raised $4 million already, and they have a goal of $35 million that will be used to help ensure their platform is heard by everyone. Someone who is watching the campaign finance news will realize that it is quite important to help End Citizens United as they have the best plan to remove special interest money.


Everyone who is hoping to change elections in America will find it quite simple to raise money for the cause, and they will learn quickly how easy it is to change the way that they think about political campaigns are paid for.