Eco-conscious Travel Destinations and Wild Ark Company

By definition, travel destinations are countries, regions, states, towns, or cities that are marketed for tourism attraction. Most of these destinations are usually eco-conscious and conservation centered. Perhaps, it is upon the travelers to use the best criteria in selecting the travel destination that is eco-conscious and promote the preservation of the ecosystem. Also, global travelers prefer destinations that are eco-friendly. These are the places, where tourists find the real connection with nature. They are also concerned about the carbon footprints of the travel destinations. Here are the three travel destinations that are conversation centered and eco-conscious.

Costa Rica

This is a travel gateway destination that is well-known to several responsible tourists. The destination is known for lush national parks, nature reserves, and rainforest. According to the international community, Costa Rica is one of the pillars of sustainable development. The travel destination is full of eco-lodges, which are both humble and swanky. The lodges features amenities, such as organic food that is from the farm to the dining table, and the rock pools are naturally heated and suitable for bathing. Also, the tourists are usually guided by the specialist in sustainable tourism whenever they make a visit.


As a travel destination, Lithuania has demonstrated the commitment to sustainability. Lithuania has national parks that are full of pride, and the government of Lithuania has taken good steps in preserving the natural beauty of these parks. During the winter period, national parks of Lithuania are very chilly and hot during the summer with a temperature between 20 and 25 Celsius Degree.


This travel destination is normally flocked by tourists who are after encountering majestic wild animals. The destination has more than 50 game reserves and national parks. Moreover, most of the lodges in Kenya are rated based on their environmental policies. They ensure that travelers understand how their vacations can affect the local environment.

About Wild Ark Company

Wild Ark Company was established on the basis of educating people about the preservation of the environment. The founders, Sophie and Mark, are committed to preserving the nature. They are passionate about making travelers aware of eco-conscious destinations. The mission of Wild Ark Company is to protect the rich biodiversity of the green belts across the world.