Doe Deere Talks About Her Brand Lime Crime

One of the hottest internet brands for makeup is Lime Crime, a company that truly has befitted the name. At the head of this company is Doe Deere, charismatic and passionate business woman who has had the rare luck of knowing exactly what she has wanted to do even at a young age. This female entrepreneur is not just a pretty face, but the professional designer of all of her high quality brands. The unique name of his business is the best way to describe the product as the product offers bright colors and hues that accentuate the best feature of anyone’s face. When it comes to makeup, Doe Deere does not place it safe. In recent news reported on their Twitter feed, Doe Deere conducted an interview with Galore magazine which is a magazine that specializes in high fashion and innovative ideas. Doe Deere talks about her brand name as well as the reason why she decided to keep an exclusive internet brand name.

When beginning the interview, Galore magazine asked Doe Deere as to when her passion for makeup began. In response to this question, Doe Deere stated that she can remember dressing up in makeup and in bright clothes as early as nine years old. This fond memory has encouraged her to pursue her passion. Doe Deere even commented that she often felt that she cheated with her career because she is having way too much fun. Doe Deere has always loved bright colors and created a brand that shows this passion off to the public.

When asked as to why her brand is exclusively internet-based, Doe Deere responded that this was for the benefit of the consumer. Doe Deere wants to be strictly a brand name that is for the consumer. The best way to do this is to be an internet brand name that encourages fast feedback. This business decision has not only kept Doe Deere motivated and humble, but has also encouraged her to continuously improve the products that she sells. Doe Deere is excited for the future of her product as her fans continue to grow in numbers.  Be sure to follow Lime Crime on Tumblr, and check out the full line of products on

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