Charles Koch Explains How His Father Still Guides His Life

The need for hard work and continued achievement is something the Koch brothers are well known for, but knowing just how this work ethic was instilled in Charles Koch is something that has never before been revealed. In an interview with ABC News, Charles Koch has explained he is still inspired by a letter written by his father shortly after the birth of the man who is now the chairman of the board of Koch Industries; the letter written by Fred Koch is framed in the office of Charles Koch and gives him a series of guidelines his father wished his children to live their lives by.

Charles Koch is the eldest son of Fred Koch and is now the Chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, which he and brother David have turned into the largest privately held business in the U.S. Over the course of the last few decades the focus of the Koch brothers have shifted to include a wide range of philanthropic and political options that assist in helping him follow the principles laid down by his father in his letter. Charles Koch remains one of the largest donors to many different causes, including the commitment he has made to educational institutions across the U.S. and his home city of Wichita.

Fred Koch gave his views on what the vast inheritance he left his children should mean to them in the letter, including his view that the decisions his children take would make their inheritance either a blessing or a curse. Charles Koch revealed in his interview that he had been made to work from around the age of six by completing tasks around the family home; the idea that none of the Koch children would live off their inheritance was strong in Fred Koch and has been passed on to Charles.

If Charles had refused the plea of his father Koch Industries was set to be sold, which would have left the philanthropic and political landscape of the U.S. a very different place in the 21st century.

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  1. Charles Koch revealed his drive to make Koch Industries a success comes from the decision of his father to ask for him to return to the company during the 1960s. It could also be regarded as the best essays ever written for me and I think that the industry is really doing a great job in this regard too.

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