Practicing Digital Hygiene

Darius M. Fisher is a sort of digital doctor. Fisher and his team at Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, act like a triage center, stanching the flow of harmful digital attacks that threaten to drain the lifeblood from business and personal reputations. Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, has grown his business into the premiere online reputation management company, with over 1,500 clients in over 35 countries.
Fisher, an honors graduate of Vanderbilt University, gave up his career as a copywriter and went to work for himself. The key to Fisher’s success is his commitment to his team and innovative vision to make the internet safer for companies and individuals by giving them tools to manage their digital statuses.
In a recent article, Fisher offered some basic digital hygiene tips to keep your reputation from becoming a digital fatality.
Fisher advises being aggressive when it comes to protecting yourself on social media. Changing all your accounts to private and being cautious about what kind of personal information you share can aid in keeping yourself and your reputation safe. Change your passwords often. Fisher recommends at least four times a year. Not just on your social media accounts, but any site you use that contains sensitive personal information, such as online banking and bill pay. Fisher advises using different, difficult to guess passwords for each site you visit. Fisher recommends writing them down on paper and keeping them in a safe place instead of online where they risk being hacked. Fisher also suggests doing a Google search on your name to see if any damaging information comes up in that search.
If you do fall victim to a privacy breach, there are things you can do. Taking screenshots, changing your passwords and phone number, and filing complaints with media sites and in extreme cases, the police are some of the ways to stop the problem before it ruins your professional reputation.