George Soros: Founder of the Open Society Foundations

George Soros a prominent billionaire and liberal investor based in the United States. For over three decades, George Soros has worked to bridge the gap between an open society through unlimited funding to the Open Society Foundations. For the foundation, they have always stayed ahead of the rest to fund individuals and organizations that have a good course of duty to the human society. In this case, one who wills to develop the anticipated business capabilities must be geared towards spending with the heart in his heart. Those who are also willing to achieve the best results in the industry, they must also be associated with better business deals. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros is also considered as a liberal thinker. For over three decades, he has also promoted the issues about liberal thinking among university graduates. For this reason, he also funded the creation of the Berlin Wall University to promote liberal thinking among the European people. George Soros has also worked hard to say what is in his mind through the ages. He also told the European Union to develop a better institute where their citizens work to determine the future of the institution. In this case, no one knows the better business deals engage in the company through his capacitated business results. Those who have an idea of what refugees need to do must work to sustain their independence as citizens of the world.

George Soros is considered as one of the world’s foremost investors. He has used most of his money to invest in the business and real estate industry while the future of the risky investment trades is uncertain, he has decided to invest most of his money to amounts that never cease to develop capacitated business solutions. Because he has developed the Open Society Foundations, he will remain in the world of philanthropy even after he is gone from this world. Working with the best business solutions will always develop the most sophisticated business partners in the world of finance and strategy. George Soros started his career working at a local New York hedge fund management company. During that time, there were few sources of finance through the acquisition of development factors. For those who were willing to develop fast income, the need to achieve more in the industry. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

George Soros founded the Soros Quantum Fund after working for five years at local investment banking companies. His company achieved unparalleled success in the industry because of his great innovation skills in investment and hedge fund management. For this reason, he had the capability to pay his debt within six months of business and strategy. For those who developed their income through the risky trades, they were associated with worse development structures in a way that has no solution.

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End Citizens United Wants To Change Campaign Financing

Political campaigns in America are often financed so much that money is the only thing required to get elected. Someone who wishes to make a change in the political landscape must have countless dollars, and this is not how it should be. End Citizens Unite is ensuring that they are getting their message out about changing campaign finances laws. The country must make a change to avoid unfair elections, and this article shows how End Citizens United wishes to make a difference.


#1: What Is End Citizens United?


End Citizens United is an organization that wishes to educate the public about campaign finance. They want to remove big money from government, and they are hoping that the public will learn why big money is corrupting government. They are publishing as much content as possible to teach the public about what is going wrong, and the plan to use their social media influence to their advantage.


#2: Their Social Media Platform


The social media platform that End Citizens United uses helps them publish content for the public. Anyone who checks their social media will find many different stories on their pages that will educate them many times over. There are many people who will have their eyes opened because of the things that they have read online, and End Citizens United hopes to show the public that there is a connection between government corruption and big money.


#3: They Will Help Eliminate Special Interests


The special interests that are changing government will be removed from government when the laws are changed, and End Citizens Unite will change the face of government because a change in government will remove all special interest money. The money need not be replaced, and it will be used for better purposes. The legislators who are voting on this will remove all the extra money that fuels their campaigns, and they must be convinced that this is good for the country.


#4: Raising Money


There are many people helping End Citizens United raise money, and they will find that the fundraisers are quite a lot of fun to put together. They have raised $4 million already, and they have a goal of $35 million that will be used to help ensure their platform is heard by everyone. Someone who is watching the campaign finance news will realize that it is quite important to help End Citizens United as they have the best plan to remove special interest money.


Everyone who is hoping to change elections in America will find it quite simple to raise money for the cause, and they will learn quickly how easy it is to change the way that they think about political campaigns are paid for.


Explosive Accusations Levied Against Prosecuting Attorney George Gascon

Now that crusading San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has brought criminal charges against members of the city’s police department, members of the Police Officer Association are hitting back with some serious charges of their own.


The San Francisco Police Department has a long history of allegations of discrimation and homophobia. In response to the charges, Gascon set up a task force to look into the allegation. In the midst of this, Gascon called a press conference announcing misdemeanor and felony charges would be filed against 4 current and former deputies.


The former president of the Police Officers Association, Gary Delagnes, says in his meetings with the prosecuting attorney, he didn’t seem to be too concerned at all with the goings on of the department, and even gave them praise. Delagnes says the district attorney is acting one way in public and entirely different when among certain peers.


Delagnes went on to make an explosive charge against Gascon that raised many eyebrows. According to Delagnes, he and POA President Martin Halloran attended a dinner in 2010 with Gascon. Delagnes says Gascon was drinking heavily and making racially charged comments about minorities.


The account was backed up by at last two other witnesses. Delagnes says he decided to expose Gascon after reading the details of the discrimination report. He says Gascon is being very disingenuous.

When confronted with the charges, department spokesperson Alex Bastian says Gascon is basically making up the story. Delagnes stands by his accusations and says he will expose more if called to testify during the hearings.

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Charles Koch Explains How His Father Still Guides His Life

The need for hard work and continued achievement is something the Koch brothers are well known for, but knowing just how this work ethic was instilled in Charles Koch is something that has never before been revealed. In an interview with ABC News, Charles Koch has explained he is still inspired by a letter written by his father shortly after the birth of the man who is now the chairman of the board of Koch Industries; the letter written by Fred Koch is framed in the office of Charles Koch and gives him a series of guidelines his father wished his children to live their lives by.

Charles Koch is the eldest son of Fred Koch and is now the Chairman of the board and CEO of Koch Industries, which he and brother David have turned into the largest privately held business in the U.S. Over the course of the last few decades the focus of the Koch brothers have shifted to include a wide range of philanthropic and political options that assist in helping him follow the principles laid down by his father in his letter. Charles Koch remains one of the largest donors to many different causes, including the commitment he has made to educational institutions across the U.S. and his home city of Wichita.

Fred Koch gave his views on what the vast inheritance he left his children should mean to them in the letter, including his view that the decisions his children take would make their inheritance either a blessing or a curse. Charles Koch revealed in his interview that he had been made to work from around the age of six by completing tasks around the family home; the idea that none of the Koch children would live off their inheritance was strong in Fred Koch and has been passed on to Charles.

If Charles had refused the plea of his father Koch Industries was set to be sold, which would have left the philanthropic and political landscape of the U.S. a very different place in the 21st century.

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