Importance of Playing Poker According to Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is an incredible modern businessperson. He is not only an excellent investor, but he has challenged norms to become of the first real estate investor to publish a book. The publication by this real estate genius has had one of the best reception by readers across the world, and this cements his position in this financial market. Even with massive sales on this book, his career in real estate business is still thriving.

Nick Vertucci in the recent past has however been a familiar figure in the world of poker. He has not only played with the best players in the world, but he has also played in some of the best poker tournaments. According to him, poker is his best way of interpreting the world of business.

According to him, poker is his way of understanding how a human mind function when in pressure to make choices. In the business world, there are many choices to be made. These choices require the investor to have speed and accuracy. For him, therefore, playing poker has been the best way to prepare himself for better decision making.

It is also through poker that Nick Vertucci has mastered his art of understanding moves. Moves according to him can make or break a good opportunity. In the real estate business, a trend can be an opportunity for an investor to earn better returns. However, if they are slow to notice the pattern, or misinterpret the direction, there are high chances of loses.

In conclusion, playing poker is not the only thing Nick Vertucci does in his free time, but according to him, it is the most satisfying thing. It is through the tactical game that he has interacted with some of the most successful people in the world of business and through these interactions, he has expanded his business circle.