ADHD : How Neurocore Is Creating Breakthroughs for Patients

Today Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has been raising concerns amongst the public as it has been found to be the most diagnosed mental disorder amongst children. In fact, other age groups such as women 23-36 have also seen an increase in ADHD. Fortunately, today there are alternative treatments other than medication and therapy in the form of Neurotherapy. What Neurotherapy essentially consists of is brain mapping in order to alleviate the troubled areas.

So, to go a little more in detail, Neurotherapy or EEG biofeedback as it is also called is a non invasive procedure consisting of the application of brainwave-sensing electrodes which are then placed on a patients scalp. Using this, doctors can then get a clear map of your brain as well as the precise areas that are either not producing enough arousal or very little. Doctors can then quickly formulate a training program tailored to those areas of the brain.

Once doctors understand what is causing the ADHD within the patient they can then go through what is called neurofeedback. This consists of going through a series of sessions to improve neuroplasticity. Patients will be placed in front of a movie and if their brain begins to wonder that the movie stops, alerting patients that they have stopped focusing. Through continued sessions, the brain begins to become aware of itself and patients can now control the troubled areas. Click here.

What Copa Star has to Offer

Copa Star is a state of the art facility with high technology, personalized attention, and high-quality standards. The hospital offers its patients exceptional medical care with the best and latest medical equipment. The hospital serves the Rio de Janeiro community and all references in the whole of Brazil. Copa Star has nine operating rooms with three of these rooms having state-of-the-art equipment on One room focuses on neurosurgery with a magnetic resonance imaging device together with Neuro Navigator. There is another room known as a hybrid room that has hemodynamics and robotic angiograph. The third room is known as the Robot room that has the Da Vinci robot which assists in minimally invasive surgeries. Copa Star has an intensive care center that offers exclusive accommodation to patients. It has a private bathroom and the comfort to stay for the patient’s companion. The hospital ensures that the patient’s stay in the hospital is comfortable and has caregivers who are there to cater for any need of the patient.

The Copa Star has created the Smart Hospitality System that is made to enhance the well-being of the patients together with that of their companion. This technology allows you to control the temperature and brightness of the room using a tablet. A person can also use this system to make video calls to the medical assistant and the nursing team on This system is only designed for Copa Star Hospital. The Hospital has therapy support and diagnostic equipment that include SPECT/CT. It has 16 channels and Dual Energy Tomography. The equipment at Copa Star ensures that the doctor gets a clear examination of the patient.

The Copa Star has sophisticated and harmonic environments that add comfort and beauty to space which has been decorated by Yutaka Toyota, a plastic artist. Copa Star offers a hotel service which is made up of trained professionals that provide personalized services to patients and their families. Copa Star has a gourmet restaurant known as BemStar Restaurant. It is dedicated to providing the best when it comes to its patients. The restaurant offers a menu with a high gastronomic standard and meets the needs of a quality and healthy cuisine.

The Copa Star has the most qualified and experienced medical staffs who offer personalized care to their patients. The hospital provides medical services under different specialties. These include the following:
• Cardiology
• Heart Arrhythmia
• Interventional Cardiology
• Cardiac surgery
• Vascular surgery
• General surgery
• Vascular surgery
• Nuclear medicine
• Intensive care medicine
• Neurosurgery
• Radiology/ intensive therapy/ digital radiology

The Copa Star Hospital has made a name for itself as a state-of-the-art hospital that provides its patients all that is required to make their stay there comfortable and enjoyable.