Zeco Auriemo Has Been Building JHSF For 25 Years

Jose Auriemo Neto is usually referred to as Zeco Auriemo. Zeco is one of the most accomplished Brazilian businessmen and is based out of New York. He has spent numerous years working to help ensure JHSF would be a prominent name in the industry of real estate. He wanted the company to be successful not just in Brazil, but throughout the world. JHSF is located in many different countries, and is well know in the global real estate market. Zeco Auriemo is currently focusing on an expansion of their international operations. He is currently in the development stage for a luxury New York apartment.

Zeco Auriemo attended Sao Paulo University and studied business administration. His education in engineering was completed at the Fundacao Armando University. Once he joined JHSF, he took the company to an entirely new level. He believes a leader should be an inspiration by working just as hard as everyone else. Even though he maintains a leadership position, he works hard on every project with his associates. Zeco Auriemo helped JHSF succeed with their first retail project in 2009. He assisted in bringing the top brands to Brazil, and his example was emulated by many others. In 1998, he helped build a big shopping center in Santa Cruz. This center is now a major destination for both the tourists and the locals.

Zeco Auriemo originally started working for JHSF in 1993. For the last 25 years, he has changed the company in many positive ways. This has enabled JHSF to withstand the challenges as time has passed. In addition to an exceptional businessman, Zeco Auriemo has also dedicated himself to philanthropy. He has never been interested in advertising this fact. He has become one of the largest contributors to numerous non-profit organizations, see (Istoedinheiro.com) for additional information. Zeco Auriemo not only makes financial contributions, he also give his time.