Rick Cofer: The Recycling Man

Austin, Texas is one of the many cities in the United States that is making a mission to take better care of the world we live in. The city is making this possible by promoting the importance of recycling to its residents. At the center of this recycling movement in Austin Is Rick Cofer. The successful lawyer is using his platform and concern to enable the residents of the city to understand why and how recycling is key to our environment.


Austin has created a Zero Waste Plan. The Zero Waste Plan wants to reduce waste in landfill by ninety percent over the next few decades. Over a million dollars will fuel this waste management plan. One of the major things local council members and environmentalists want to see more recycling at parks. The funding for this plan would allocate for eight hundred receptacles. New staff members, public education and hauling services will also be apart of this plan. Parks in metro areas and neighborhood areas along with athletic fields will be the majority of areas where people can dispose of their trash into compartments that will then be recycled by staff. All of these efforts will hopefully bring a sense of togetherness in the Austin community. Environmentalists and local council members view this is as a good idea that will decrease the growing amount of wastes the city is currently experiencing.


Rick Cofer is well known in the community. Although his law career is what first caused him to have a big name in the community, currently his works in recycling are earning him a new type of reputation. He is the founder of The Law Office of Rick Cofer. Family violence drug possession, DWI and juvenile charges are what his law firm specializes in. Being apart of Austin Parks and Recreation is one of the many boards he sits on. He prides himself on helping the environment in Austin by promoting recycling amongst the city’s inhabitants. He has worked with the Democratic Party for at least an entire decade. Ending homelessness is also another passion of his. He sits on a board that works to lower the number of people living homeless on Austin’s streets. He may not have much free time while he is running his law practice, fighting to end homelessness, working with the parks and recreation of Austin and promoting recycling but he does make time for his dog and spending time outdoors.