Shea Butter: A Gift From Nature

Made from the nuts of the Shea tree-Karité, tree protected and considered sacred by the people of Africa, shea butter is most often used to soothe irritations and eczema skin, reduce wrinkles and signs of fatigue and daily stress, heal wounds and scars, soothes sunburns and insect bites.

This tree brings health and beauty into the lives of millions of people in Africa for centuries being present in each step and stage of growth and development, both cultural and human aspects of this culture.

It was first mentioned in literature in the XIV century, when it was used for preparation of various household including traditional food, but also for cosmetic or herbal remedy.

Currently, mainly used in cosmetics, shea butter is a true miracle ingredient that stimulates regeneration at the cellular level, acts against aging and has a multitude of antibacterial, nutritive, moisturizing and regenerating benefits for both body and hair.

With high levels of oleic, palmitic and stearic acids and a mixture of vitamins A, E, D, F along with natural antioxidants, shea butter keeps its emollient and moisturizing capabilities for a long period of time.

Some of the proven benefits of shea butter are: intense and lasting hydration, revitalization and rejuvenation, natural anti-inflammatory, regenerator effect, natural sunscreen, muscle relaxant effect.

EuGenia’s product lines are the outcome of years of research identifying customer’s needs and ongoing perfecting the products. One of the main advantages of this enterprise is that their products include at least 95% shea content, while their competitors generally uses a maximum of 25%.  You can read more information on the quality of their shea butter, on the FAQ – Eu’Genia Shea page.

Eu’Genia works with female workers in Ghana, offering them fair wages and educational opportunities considering the fact that they donate 15% of profits in the form of an education fund.

The brand offers a variety of products depending on your basic moisturizing needs — everyday, pregnancy for mom’s stretch marks or baby’s diaper rash and dermatological for more intense issues like eczema or scarring.