Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halvorssen Believes Socialism Is Wrong But He Donated Money To The Sanders Campaign

Thor Halvorssen gets a bad taste in his mouth when he hears the word, socialism. And he should. Halvorssen’s birth country, Venezuela, is a pitiful version of socialism. There’s not much more anyone can say about Venezuela except that the country has the largest deposits of crude oil in the world. Thor lived a nightmare during his early years, and he doesn’t want the United States to fall into the same trap that has kept his countrymen in poverty for decades.


Thor recently expressed his opinions about socialism and the primary election in a Fox News interview. Even though Halvorssen is against socialism, he has contributed to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He explained his choice by simply saying Hillary Clinton’s track record is so tainted with missteps that he couldn’t support her. Thor also said that Sanders form of socialism is not the same as the socialism that American’s have learned to hate through the years. Sanders call his form of socialism, “Democratic Socialism.”


Democratic socialism, according to Thor Halvorssen, is a milder, and much more aspirational ideology. Sanders is not saying that he wants the government to take over certain industries, but he does want the government to be more generous to workers, and he wants to give them more power. Sanders main objective is to break up the big banks, and he wants to stop the influence that money brings to the political arena. Sanders also wants the government to police businesses more closely, so American jobs and money stay in the United States.


Halvorssen is on board with all of those changes. He believes Sanders can work with both Parties to get things done. After all, Bernie isn’t really a Democrat. He’s an independent that has been working with the Democrats and the Republicans for years. But it is an uphill battle for Sanders, according to Thor Halvorssen. The Democratic establishment has its own agenda and Bernie isn’t part of that exclusive club. But the people see the difference in the candidates. Perhaps Sanders will pull a Democratic socialist rabbit out of his hat and get elected.

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