Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes Sam Boraie Chair

Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science has established a few months ago at Rutgers Cancer Institute. The purpose is to facilitate research in precision medicine. An endowed chair is regarded as the gold standard when it comes to higher education. It shows the commitment of the Institute to higher levels of an academic discipline. The person after whom the chair is named is the real estate developer of Brunswick, Omar Boraie, reveals Yahoo. He pledged an amount one-and-half million to support the cancer institute. It is a part of Rutgers University’s eighteen chair campaign. In this challenge, the anonymous donor provides an amount of one-and-half million dollars. The information was published on newswire 21 October 2015.

In this modern era, everything including the fields of precision medicine and genomic science is changing. It has compelled the medical professionals to change their approach towards diagnosing and treating cancer. The field is related to analysis and treatment of the tumor. It allows oncologists to bring better outcomes through individualized therapies. President Obama during his last State of the Union Address said that he was launching a national initiative for precision medicine. The initiative would focus on the treatment of cancer and several other diseases. There are many centers for cancer that are performing gene sequencing to find a cancer cure. However as the NY Times stated on a report, the first and the only institute to use genomic sequencing is Rutgers Cancer Institute.

Genomic sequencing is vital for finding therapies of rare cancer problems that presently have ineffective or limited treatments. The advancement in precision medicine is increasing the process of classifying sub-categories of cancers with separate genetics and similar characteristics. It facilitates predicting better outcomes for the patients and enables doctors to proceed with tailored cancer therapies.

On occasion, Sam Boraie said that the scientists and physicians working at the Rutgers Cancer Institute are doing a great job in the advancement of precision medicine. It is very helpful for patients with unresponsive cancers. One can imagine how good would it be if all patients with cancer get the benefit of this science. The pledge is intended to support this great work which can exceed the goal and satisfy everyone. He further said that the anonymous pledge of his family might also inspire other people to donate money for this noble cause. The Director of Rutgers Cancer Institute Robert S. DiPaola, MD said that Omar Boraie is playing a leading role in making New Brunswick a fully developed healthcare city. His support in genomic science will leave a long lasting effect on the research and treatment of cancer.

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