Greyhound Diaries Shedding Light on the Lives of Struggling Americans

After quitting his career as an overseas reporter based in London, Doug Levitt returned to America and moved to Nashville. He got together with producer David Henry and began working on his music career. Henry would later become the producer of the popular Greyhound Diaries.

In 2004, Levitt decided to travel using the Greyhound buses for about six weeks. During this period, he mingled with strangers and shared life experiences with them. They talked about their life experiences and shared memories as well as past events that eventually shaped their lives. Levitt felt a need to share after he found his father dead from suicide while living in Washington D.C.

By 2012, Levitt had traveled an impressive 80,000 miles across America and took over 10,000 photographs. He also performed songs, shared pictures and told stories for eight years during the project. He chose to travel by bus in order to meet people with low incomes who are struggling to get by on a daily basis. Along the way, he has performed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, The Kennedy Center, Woody Guthrie Center and other homeless shelters in the country.

Doug Levitt is a singer and songwriter from the United States of America. He is also a photographer, activist and writer. He was born in 1972 and is famously known for his project called the Greyhound Diaries. The Greyhound Diaries includes live musical shows, a web series, and performances by Levitt.

Before embarking on his travel series, Levitt was an overseas reporter who worked for top media outlets like MSNBC and CNN. He mainly covered war-torn areas like Bosnia, Iran and Rwanda. Levitt was born in Washington D.C. and attended the public schools system. He later attended Cornell University where he got a chance to study under Carl Sagan (author and astrophysicist). He later attended London School of Economics where he studied International Relations for his Master’s Degree.

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