Dr Rod Rohrich Is A Leader In Plastic Surgury

Dr. Rod J Rohrich is a Dallas-based plastic surgeon. He is also a professor of plastic surgery at the Department of Plastic Surgery UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rohrich is famous in his world. He is highly respected in the medical field as an innovative practitioner and teacher of his craft. Dr. Rohrich made appearances on several different major television programs such as Good Morning America, the Oprah Winfrey Show and The View. Dr. Rohrich specializes in restoring youth to the human face and body. He holds many different positions at prestigious organizations throughout the medical field and continues to pave the way for other surgeons who study his work.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is one the original visionaries of the Dept. of expert Plastic Surgery at the UT Southwestern. He is a professor who continues to teach and spread important knowledge. Dr. Rohrich is originally from North Dakota were he graduated college. Rod Rohrich attended Baylor University where he studied medicine and also graduated with honors. He did residency at the University of Michigan Medical Center where he practiced plastic surgery and general surgery. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich then moved on to Europe where he spent time at Oxford University in England as a pediatric plastic surgeon. Harvard Medical School was next as Dr. Rohrich completed the hand and microvascular fellowship with Massachusetts General Hospital. He eventually joined UT Southwestern in 1986.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a pioneer in plastic surgery and is the head of many organizations in his field. He is currently the chairman of important plastic surgery think tanks that do groundbreaking work around the world.

Dr. Rohrich’s philanthropic work is done through his own foundation. He supports medical students in his hometown of North Dakota. Dr. Rohrich has also traveled to third world countries and performed reconstructive surgery on children.

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Dr. Saad- Top pediatric surgeon

Dr.Saad is one of the top American surgeons. He is a board-certified pediatric surgeon and practices in New Jersey. His services, however, are hired by people from all over the world. A board-certified surgeon with almost five decades of experience, he is definitely one of the people who can be trusted to deliver the best medical assistance. One of his greatest accomplishments is being appointed the personal pediatric surgeon by the Saudi Royal. This is an accomplishment that does not happen to many people. It is a prestigious opportunity which approves of his role in the industry. Dr. Saad qualifications as a doctor are excellent. Being a certified board pediatric surgeon and being fluent in both English and Arabic earned him the position of serving in the Saudi Royal. Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md


In Saudi Arabia, he was serving at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital. His responsibility was to ensure that all the minor and complex surgeries were conducted competently. While working here, he performed a surgical procedure to the youngest child he has ever handled. The child was suffering from an aneurysm. He managed to save the life of the baby and even went ahead to publish a medical journal about the surgery so that others interested in learning about it can know. His experience in the industry makes him a mentor to many other professionals.


Dr. Saad was highly respected in Saudi when it came to matters of medical applications. Whenever he recommended action to be taken, no one would dispute him. His word on such matters was final. Sometimes he would recommend a patient to be treated locally and at other recommend a patient to be flown to an outside country where they could get the best treatment. The official of the hospital trusted him so much that at one time when the son of the assistant chief of the hospital was ill, he made a decision to let Dr. Saad treat him instead of flying him to a hospital outside the country.


The King Faisal Specialist Hospital is mainly for the Royal Saudi Arabia Family although it does accept people from other neighboring royals such as Bahrain, UAE, and the Persian Gulf. In cases of dire medical attention, the hospital also accepts people from poor backgrounds to be traded in this facility. This is however limited to poor people with complex pediatric surgical problems. Dr. Saad was ever ready to help the poor. As a person who grew up in a humble family in Palestine and later in Kuwait, he understands what it feels to be poor. In fact, he had to put more emphasis on his studies so that he could he could get opportunities through education. Dr. H. Biemann Othersen mentored him in Charleston.