Igor Cornelsen: Working And Investing


Among the most common ways to make money is by either working or investing. However, people that are very wise use both methods in order to maximize their success. One thing they realize is that investing is going to take a bit of money in order for the profit to be significant. However, people need to have money in order to invest. This is one of the reasons that it is important to work. As a matter of fact, work is a form of investment. Instead of investing one’s money, he is investing his own talents and efforts in the hopes of getting a return.


Igor Cornelsen is one person who has put a lot of work and investment into accumulating wealth. As a result, he has found himself in a place where he could not only enjoy his success, but he could also share his secrets with others. He is well aware of other people that want to follow in his footsteps. This is one of the reasons that Igor Cornelsen writes a lot of articles on the topic of finances. He is highly experienced and wants others to succeed in the way that he has. He is also willing to help people avoid the pitfalls that investors commonly face.


In his works, he has introduced a lot of people to the concept of passive income. This is one of the forms of income that a lot of people hear about. However, few people get to actually enjoy the benefits of it. It takes a lot of knowledge to truly succeed with passive income. For one thing, it does take a lot of work to actually build significant passive income at first. When one succeeds at building the income, then he could retire, or build another source of passive income.  It’s abundantly clear that Igor Cornelsen has the experience to help you grow, and it’s well worth following his Facebook page for the free advice that he often provides.

More information about Igor and his corporate investments can be sought on his official website here: http://igorcornelsenbr.snappages.com/

Danilo Diaz Granados Hosts A Fantastic Event


The co-founder of Toys for Boys, Danilo Diaz Granados prepared an event that the participants will never forget. The perfectly planned event took place in Miami where only selected affluent guests were invited. The event demonstrated the luxurious lifestyle in Miami and every activity was intended to thrill, amaze and surprise the attending guests. The event feature classics activities like, helicopter rides, exclusive previews, fine cuisine, track racing, boat riding and other fanatic activities. This was one of the many hyper-sensory exciting events Danilo Diaz Granados has hosted since Toys for Boys inception in 2001.

On arrival, the guests were welcomed with a bottle of Dom Perignon and later hand- selected guests were treated to an intimate breakfast at Dame Hadid’s One Thousand Museum Center. Then, the guests were shown the preview of the highly-anticipated residential buildings that would make Miami lifestyle go a notch higher. From here, the guests were given a helicopter ride back o the meeting point. After 30 minutes, Danilo Diaz joined the guests in yet another helicopter ride to Palm Beach Race Track. Here the guests were allowed a chance to get behind the wheel and spin a few tracks around. Later, guests were flown back. Lunch was served at River Yacht Club where everybody got another bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne.

The day concluded in style by treating the guests with the boat ride. Van Dutch and Technomar who are long time sponsors for previous Toys for Boys events made the day by allowing the guests to test their new boats. To many, this was a dream come true. Danilo together with his business partners collaborated to make the day unforgettable and amazing.

Danilo Diaz is an entrepreneur, a WordPress blogger, and a businessman and a philanthropist who believes in corporate social responsibility. Mr. Diaz is the co-founder of Toys for Boys a luxurious boutique in Miami. He graduated from Babson College in Wellesley Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. Over the years, Mr. Danilo has gained entrepreneurial skills and has participated in various platforms advising young entrepreneurs on the principles of entrepreneurial success. Mr. Danilo is a man with a mission and believes in himself.  Flavio is also somewhat of a photographer, and you can find his entire portfolio of work on Flickr.

Entrepreneur Jim Hunt Is Interviewed By Ideamensch

Jim Hunt always seems to have an idea churning, and no matter how outrageous it sounds he seems to follow through. He’s an investor who used to work at a big bank, but quit after he saw how the banks cared more about making a profit instead of helping their customers. He has showed followers how to make the right investments even when a bear market is coming, and one of his latest endeavors is a plan to make his mother a tax-free millionaire, and only using 10 trades to do it. But the real question is what does Hunt do that creates his ideas?


Ideamensch is a blog for beginning entrepreneurs who need inspiration to get started, and Jim Hunt recently sat down with them to give his story. Hunt started up a company called VTA Publications, a publication company that provides a litany of information to interested investors and independent thinkers about how to beat the banks. A typical day for Hunt consists of getting most of his work done in the morning, and then a light lunch and then family time in the evening. Hunt stresses the importance of spending time with family as part of leading a successful life. Hunt says he has no regrets in how he’s lived his life, and his favorite book is Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the book that inspires his work.


Hunt is the CEO of VTA Publications, a place where users can order information about investing and financial services. The company helps make complex financial information understandable to the average reader, and helps them learn secrets that big companies don’t want them to know about. Booklets and CD multimedia that can be purchased from this company include retirement planning taken from the bible, learning how to trade using stock charts, information about little-known futures options and strategies, and recordings of seminars featuring some of the most knowledgeable business guests. VTA Publications ships these materials everywhere around the globe, and they can be ordered at www.vtapublications.co.uk.

Town Residential Opens 10th Office

CEO Andrew Heiberger of Town Residential is excited to announce that their real estate firm is opening its 10th office in New York City to better serve its high-end luxury clients. The 7,100 square foot office is located at 446 West 14th Street in Manhattan. The space with 16 foot ceilings boasts a rooftop meeting space which will be the perfect area for brokers to finalize details on property throughout the western side of the borough. Andrew chose to make this exciting announcement via Crain’s New York.

While New York has always been known as a melting pot, Andrew says that at no place in the city is that truer than on Manhattan’s west side. This location in the Meatpacking District makes it convenient for clients throughout the area.

The office manned from brokers formerly with Thomas & Ingram along with professionals from Town’s former West Village location are anxious to show property to clients throughout Manhattan. Those who are looking for a quiet neighborhood may want to consider those properties located in the Financial District like the new condos on John, Broad, and Pine Streets. Coming further north, one enters the historic TriBeCa neighborhood with luxurious apartments in the 140 Franklin Street that was originally constructed in 1897 by Albert Wagner to house the manufacturing of wrapping paper. As one strolls even further north along the Hudson, one enters the SoHo neighborhood that recently heralded the arrival of One Vandam.

 No place is real estate more exciting, however, than in the Meatpacking District with the construction of several new properties near High Line Park. Andrew concludes that it really is the right time to consider moving to Manhattan where you can live close to where you work and hang out after work. He says that many of his current clients are looking for property that they can renovate allowing their own personalities to come out.


JustFab Is Getting Bigger To Benefit All Women

There are a lot of women who have a hard time shopping because they cannot get out to the stores and pick everything on their own. They have to get some help from a place that will send them the clothes and accessories that they need, and that is why it is important for all these people to try JustFab. JustFab actually has millions of subscribers who want to have their clothes shipped to them, and they get things to open every month that were picked just for them. Learn more about JustFab: https://www.linkedin.com/company/justfab

It is also interesting for people to use these services because it is so much easier for them do this than it is to leave the house. There are a lot of people who are going to find out that they love the things they got even though they would not have picked it out on their own, but these same people need to be given a chance to get more.

JustFab has been shown by the LA Times to be on the path to being a much bigger company. The company could expand so much that it can serve millions more customers, and they might be able to bring in more things for their customers to try. They already offer shoes and accessories to their customers to go with their clothes, but they want to get bigger for everyone’s sake.

JustFab is not the first subscription company in the world to do this, but they are the first one to get this big. Women are going to get nice surprises when they get their shipments every month, and it is going to be much more surprising every time the company grows. They could have an IPO soon that will give them more money to work with, and they are already led by some of the best in the industry.

Learn more about JustFab:

Fabletics combines movie star taste and discount prices

Are you tired of living in sweats so you can try to get a hard body? After all, isn’t half the fun of having a hard body showing it off?

Fabletics is a relatively new player in the athleisure wear space. Kate Hudson lends her sense of taste to the clothing line, offering her suggestions on Kate Picks. She also lends her face to much of the advertising, which has helped get this long of clothing dubbed the Kate Hudson brand.

Unlike a lot of designer or celebrity clothing lines, one of the selling points for Fabletics is affordability. By selling it as a subscription to a monthly outfit for $49.99, the company can buy in bulk and provide some serious savings to its VIP members, who pay about half the retail price.

If you only want to shop them occasionally, you can skip the membership and pay the retail price. However, with the first outfit in Fabletics being super discounted to just $25 and the option to “skip” the month if you choose, the membership is very tempting for a high percentage of their customers. The membership is $49.99 automatically charged to your credit card every month, unless you log in by the fifth of the month to opt out for that month.

If you do not pick an outfit that month, your credit of one outfit per month builds up until you choose to get outfitted again. Returns for store credit or exchanges on Twitter come at no charge. Returns for cash reimbursement involve a small restocking fee.

Fabletics began as an online retailer, but they are now establishing storefronts at locations like the Mall of America. This is expanding their current customer base to people who prefer the more traditional offline shopping experience.

Just like their website model, their brick and mortar stores emphasize an outfit based shopping strategy. This helps make sure customers know what to pair with their favorite new leggings, sports bra or tank top to get the artsy look Kate advocates.

For individuals who like to dress well, but do not have much confidence in their ability to match things up, this approach is a boon to their ability to strut their stuff at the gym. Bonus: It all comes at a consumer-friendly price point. See: http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm

But you do not have to be fashion challenged nor averse to shopping online to be a fan. The fashion savvy can mix and match existing outfits to their heart’s content, whether bought online or in store. Kate’s taste, your great looks and budget friendly bundles are a great shopping combo.

Do not hesitate to check them out today. News about the Fabletics brand can be found on Racked.

Doe Deere Talks About Her Brand Lime Crime

One of the hottest internet brands for makeup is Lime Crime, a company that truly has befitted the name. At the head of this company is Doe Deere, charismatic and passionate business woman who has had the rare luck of knowing exactly what she has wanted to do even at a young age. This female entrepreneur is not just a pretty face, but the professional designer of all of her high quality brands. The unique name of his business is the best way to describe the product as the product offers bright colors and hues that accentuate the best feature of anyone’s face. When it comes to makeup, Doe Deere does not place it safe. In recent news reported on their Twitter feed, Doe Deere conducted an interview with Galore magazine which is a magazine that specializes in high fashion and innovative ideas. Doe Deere talks about her brand name as well as the reason why she decided to keep an exclusive internet brand name.

When beginning the interview, Galore magazine asked Doe Deere as to when her passion for makeup began. In response to this question, Doe Deere stated that she can remember dressing up in makeup and in bright clothes as early as nine years old. This fond memory has encouraged her to pursue her passion. Doe Deere even commented that she often felt that she cheated with her career because she is having way too much fun. Doe Deere has always loved bright colors and created a brand that shows this passion off to the public.

When asked as to why her brand is exclusively internet-based, Doe Deere responded that this was for the benefit of the consumer. Doe Deere wants to be strictly a brand name that is for the consumer. The best way to do this is to be an internet brand name that encourages fast feedback. This business decision has not only kept Doe Deere motivated and humble, but has also encouraged her to continuously improve the products that she sells. Doe Deere is excited for the future of her product as her fans continue to grow in numbers.  Be sure to follow Lime Crime on Tumblr, and check out the full line of products on Love-Makeup.co.uk.

Manse on Marsh Received the Caring Star Award Again this Year

The Manse on Marsh is located in Arroyo Grande San Luis Obispo and is honored to be the recipient of the Caring Star Award for two years in a roll. Manse on Marsh is an independent assisted living community that has an overall 5-star rating.

This year to receive this award assisted living communities must have received an overall average rating of at least 4 stars, have no unresolved negative reviews and must have earned at least one 5-star review from December 1st of 2014 through September 30th, 2015. These reviews and star ratings are based on consumer feedback in the caring.com senior care directory. Manse on Marsh not only met this criterion they exceeded it.

They have like previously mentioned an overall five-star review rating and received 5 5 Star reviews on Yelp within the time frame that was considered for this award. The Arroyo Grande Assisted Living facility as well as senior care searcher online have conducted research that shows the majority of individuals rely on internet-based consumer reviews when making their decision to join the Manse on Marsh community. It is online where you can find a breakdown of the comprehensive care planning system that is provided at the Manse on Marsh.

They offer a la carte care and assistance services assuring that residents only receive the care they need and do not pay for services that they do not utilize. The Manse on Marsh offers things such as meal reminders, bathing and grooming services, medication management, cooking services, transportation services and more to the residents in their community.

The staff at Manse on Marsh is dedicated to providing you with the care and assistance that you need while allowing you to maintain as much independence as you like. The Manse on Marsh assisted living community is centrally located to many different dining, shopping, and entertainment options. Many of which are within a short walking distance. To learn more about Manse on Marsh, check out their website at themanse.net!

Jim Hunt’s Tutorials On Using Stock Charts And VTA Publications

In today’s economic climate, it’s important to have all the tools and knowledge at your disposal so you can make good investment decisions and weather any storms that might be approaching. Jim Hunt is a financial expert who knows the ins and outs of stock investing and trading, and how to read the charts and get an idea about which investments are going to do well. It’s important to have a sense for when a bear market is imminent and when stocks should be sold, and Hunt goes in depth to look at which prices and indexes are good for which stocks before you should trade. Knowing your stock charts is just one of the ways you can become a financial success, and VTA Publications gives you more.

VTA Publications is a UK-based company that has put together educational materials for customers about investing, retirement savings, starting up a business and other financial information. Their materials are geared towards self-driven people who want to make money on their own but may need a few pointers to get started. The materials they publish come from world-renowned business and investment experts who have already climbed the ladder and now offer others a chance to do the same.

VTA Publications also books speakers for seminars on business and economics and those who cannot make it to the seminars can order them on the VTA Publications website. From time to time, VTA Publications will also publish articles on new ideas and challenges for business-minded people to supplement their distance learning materials. All VTA Publications materials are available for anyone to purchase and will ship worldwide, and if customers are dissatisfied with the materials, they can return them for a full refund. If you have any more questions about the materials, you can contact VTA Publications at their website for more information about Jim Hunt, or their products.

Bob Reina Tells Viewers Why Talk Fusion Is The Best

In a recent YouTube video, Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina tells potential customers why they need his products.

In the 12-minute presentation, Reina insists that Talk Fusion is the best technology of its sort in the business. His company can meet the business needs of any company, large or small.

All businesses need two things to succeed, according to Reina: customers and marketing. Talk Fusion provides the necessary tools for both. Every company has a big idea. Talk Fusion can make that idea a reality with vastly increased sales and even more referrals.

Talk Fusion is touted as a program that is both inexpensive and easy to use. It is a one-stop shop that offers video chat, video email, video newsletter and live meetings. By using the power of video, Talk Fusion will give viewers a full view of a company appreciates a customer’s business.

Users will be thrilled at the simplicity in setting up Talk Fusion account. The tools will guide businesses through picking colors, templates and even real time tracking. Connect anywhere in the world with HD video, and the best thing is, Talk Fusion can be use on computer, iPad or any other device.

Florida native Bob Reina started Talk Fusion back in 2007. His big idea was to find a way to integrate video into email.

He still, however, had a love for marketing and technology. After hiring on some software pros, he put together his cutting-edge software. Now, with over 20 years of experience, Reina has built his company into one of the largest in the world.