Ara Chackerian on His New Healthcare Venture

Healthcare is an exciting industry because it stands at the crossroads of a number of technological innovations. Ara Chackerian is Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holdings, which invests in growing healthcare organizations. In addition to his work with ASC Capital, he serves on the boards of several healthcare companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also the CEO of Limonapa Teak, a sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua. He sat down with for an interview about his successes and future plans.

One of Chackerian’s newest ventures is TMS Health Solutions, which seeks to capitalize on the entrepreneur’s expertise in outpatient diagnostics. He seeks to use the knowledge he gained in the industry and apply it to building a network of outpatient psychiatry centers. These facilities specialize in providing transcranial magnetic stimulation, a procedure whereby a magnetic field generator is used to stimulate the brain. Chackerian believes the new treatment will eventually become as widespread as medication and therapy as a treatment for depression.

The last few years have seen rapid change in both healthcare and technology, and Chackerian believes that digital healthcare and telemedicine are maturing, with a number of applications in mental and behavioral health. His experience in the mental health segment has given Chackerian an appreciation of how serious the present crisis in this area of medical care. In fact, he recently published a post on on Mental Health Month, which has been around since 1949, despite only recently gaining greater recognition.

For the businessman and investor, one of the keys is to avoid stigmatizing mental health issues. Recognizing and fighting against this stigma goes hand in hand with sharing ones personal experiences. According to Chackerian, as long as people ignore, avoid, and criticize people struggling with these challenges, progress will be far more difficult to achieve.

Nicholas Kraft Globalizes L’Oreal’s Product

Nicholas Kraft is the current acting Vice President and the network head of Human Development at the World Bank Group. He is the general manager at L’Oreal and the former Vice President of Global Business Development in the same company. Among other positions held in the same company are general manager, marketing director, and deputy general manager at different parts of the globe. L’Oreal is a private company in France that deals with main cosmetics and developmental activities on hair, skin, make-up, sun protection, and perfume among others.

As the senior and the Vice President in charge of Global Business Development Nicholas Kraft together with other company leaders, L’Oreal Paris held the second yearly show in late September 2018. The main objective of the show was to showcase the new looks of the season, and for the company to get a chance to highlight its commitment towards making beauty and fashion easily accessible across the globe. The event was open to members of the public through, and some of the topmost celebrities in the fashion and beauty industry attended.

Nicholas Kraft is widely recognized for his strong work ethics dedication. In preparation for the big event, he the company’s Global Artists Val Garland and StephaneLancien had 70 different and new make-up looks and hair designs that were uniquely special for the show. There were also models 13 of them for the fashion brands who displayed jewelry from the show’s partner Chopard. The show which took more than eight days was under the determination and dedication of the employees and leaders so as to attain success.

Nicholas Kraft’s goal to ensure the globalization of the company products was seen from the efforts to put up huge screens that displayed the event’s activities to many people including tourists and passersby to watch it for free from the river banks of Seine. There were also drones that were filming the whole event and direct broadcasting to more than 30 countries. Nicholas Kraft is surely going to a greater extent to ensure that L’Oreal is taking its products out to the world.