Perfect Round Solution

The first thing to mention about this lip balm is that the spherical shaped container that houses the lip balm makes it perfect for application. I love how easy it is to grip and hold while moisturizing my lips. Also because it is not shaped like anything else, it is easy to find in a crowded purse or clutch.

Other things to be noted about this lip balm is the variety of scents that are offered. There are a number of basic scents or flavors such as vanilla and mints, and then there are more exotic flavors such as the passion fruit. Some of the flavors are summer fruit, honey apple, coral, aloe vera, and strawberry sorbet. Each of the flavors come in a different color container that corresponds to the scent. The products in this lip balm are organic which is a plus. This makes me more confident in knowing that the products will provide nutrients in each use.

Lastly, affordability makes this lip balm a top pick. Ranging from $2.50-$3.50 depending on where you purchase them, anyone can purchase these balms and enjoy healthy and moisturized lips for an affordable price. EOS lip balm is sure to continue to sell highly. It gives an innovation to lip balms an is carefully created to promote healthy lips. There are many scents to be enjoyed by consumers of all kinds which I am sure will continuously grow in the years to come.