Bizarre Charges Emerge Against San Fran’s Brazen D.A.

San Francisco District Attorney, George Gascon was well known, during his time as chief of police, to have fraternized with the cops whom he now denounces. As police chief Mr. Gascon has also been well known to have been a bigot and a racist, entirely untroubled by the lack of ethnic diversity within his department. His alcohol induced rants against ethnic minorities is well known to all whom have served under him, a thing often observed by the myriad union leaders he enjoyed rabble rousing with during late nights on the town.

This, in a nutshell, is the narrative that Gary Delagnes, ex president of the Police Officers Union would have the denizens of San Francisco believe. Ironically, Delagnes comments only came about due to the questioning he received from a investigative panel created by none other than Mr. Gascon himself to look into the aforementioned “racial discrimination” taking place in the police department. But how much of Mr. Delagnes story really stands up to scrutiny?

During his twenty five year tenure on the force Mr. Delagnes was well known to have had a predilection for verbal jousting and heated debate with his associates. This is shown by Delagnes recounting of a dinner party event both he and Mr. Gascon attended. Mr. Delagnes states that Mr. Gascon was deep into his bottle and that he was speaking with great animation about minorities, he was, Delagnes alleges, endlessly complaining about racial minorities. This apparently reached such bombastic levels that a African american who was attending came up to plead that Gascon stop for the sake of his family. There is only one problem with this allegation, is it hasn’t been factually substantiated by anyone else, thus far. Indeed, Alex Bastian, the district attorney spokesmen even publicly stated that what, “Mr. Delagnes lacks in credibility he makes up for in imagination.” Not all of the facts are yet in but what can be said with certainty is that Mr. Delagnes has a great deal of convincing yet to do.


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