Betsy Devos And Her Years Of Service To Education Reform

Current United States Secretary Betsy DeVos has always known two things to be associated with her life: Success, and a commitment to one’s own goals and beliefs. Mrs. DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan with a family that believed in strong conservative values. DeVos’ father, Edgar Prince was the owner of an auto parts company at the time and was a major supporter of Christian conservative causes.


The elder Prince was able to grow his small business into a billion dollar operation and Betsy, who from time to time performed work at her father’s business, saw first hand the hard work it took to become a success in her country. Betsy’s brother Eric is the founder and CEO of the Blackwater private security firm that contracted personnel during American military involvement with Afghanistan and Iraq.


It was while she attended classes at Calvin College that the young girl still known as Elizabeth Prince began to show herself and the world that she was much more than a privileged young girl from a well to do family.


Betsy became immersed in campus politics while a student at Calvin and showed hints of the tenacity that she would later display in other aspects of her life. She remained interested in politics after college and went on to indulge this interests in many ways including a six-year stint as the chairperson for the Republican Party of Michigan.


Betsy went on to marry Dick DeVos, an heir to a highly successful family in his own right. Dick and Betsy wielded the considerable influence afforded to them in many ways to affect positive change on the issues that were important to them. One of these issues, in particular, was the fight for parents of all economic backgrounds to enjoy the right to choose where their children are educated.


Betsy DeVos spent more than three years of her life fighting for public money to be used to fund the private charter schools that would provide families with more choice in education. She has also extended this effort to support parents choice to send their kids to other private institutions, even those with religious affiliations. And when Betsy DeVos was unable to convince public sources that the undertaking was a beneficial one, she raised the money herself. She did so by either working with or starting non-profits, and in many cases has used her own money.


The many years of service provided by Betsy DeVos in the fight for school choice would be rewarded by her present cabinet appointment by President Donald Trump in 2016.


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