Equities first holdings lending

Equities first holdings have been able to supply its clients with stock-based loans. Many lending companies have been unable to reach out to their customer’s demands.At equities first holding many customers feel very secure since they pay it back whenever they get financially stable. Through stock-based loans, this company has been able to grow at a tremendous rate. Mr. Al Christy Jr realized that a client cannot get a loan until he /she has reached the recommended status. Equities first holdings have reached many goals and achievements.Processing of loans at Equities first holdings only requires fewer steps which are easier.Equity first holdings has helped people in building themselves up.This has lead to the world wide growth and achievements.

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Alastair Borthwick’s Writings Captured the Joys of Rock Climbing, and the Horrors of War

Alastair Borthwick was a talented author who was able to write about two completely different topics. His first success, the book “Always A Little Further,” was about travelling and climbing in Scotland. His second book, “Sans Peur,” was about the horrors of the second world war. Borthwick drew from his own experience to write engaging works of literature regardless of the topic.

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Scotland but was raised in Troon. His family moved to Glasgow when he was 11. Borthwick left high school when he was 16 to become a copytaker at the Evening Times. Following the Evening Times, he worked at the Glasgow Weekly Herald where he wrote the women’s, children’s and film pages due to the paper’s small staff.

Borthwick discovered rock-climbing from the open-air section of the paper. Throughout the 1930’s he wrote about the subject, culminating in his book “Always A Little Further,” which was published by Faber and Faber. The book was instantly successful due to its excellent characters, vivid descriptions, and engaging action sequences.

While Borthwick was working on “Always A Little Further” he moved from Scotland to London. After working with the Daily Mirror and Empire Exhibition he began to work for the BBC. He gained further success through his radio broadcasts about the outdoors and Scotland.

When World War 2 broke out, Alastair Borthwick enlisted. He reached the rank of captain with the 51st Highland Division’s 5th Seaforth Highlanders. He was excused from attendance at parades towards the end of the war to write up the battalion’s experiences. This resulted in his book “San Peur” which was published in 1946 by a small Sterling publisher. It received critical acclaim for its accuracy, immediacy, and graphic quality.

After the war Alastair Borthwick moved to the countryside with his wife. They had a son, Patrick. The BBC gave him a three year series on post war Scotland. In the 1960’s he began to work for Grampian TV where he both scripted and presented programs on a variety of subjects. He died in September of 2003, at the age of 90.

Matt Badiali And His Favorite Metals

There is a lot of pessimism among investors who believed commodities were a great place to invest money. Commodities have performed rather poorly since 2011 and have been in a brutal bear market. Matt Badiali is a geologist and a financial advisor who feels that there are some commodities that are about to regain glory, particularly silver and copper. With commodities beaten badly, most investors will probably avoid them, however, Matt Badiali has written about why the commodities have not performed well, but also why he feels certain commodities, such as silver and copper, are on the verge of major moves to the upside.

Both copper and silver have had to fight the strengthening US dollar. When the dollar strengthens, commodity prices tend to fall. With all the geopolitical uncertainty and the economic problems of many of the emerging market economies, the US dollar has been the safe-haven asset for investors. People all over the world have been trading in their local currency for US dollars, as their own currencies have lost value. Matt Badiali believes that if the US dollar continues to strengthen, there will still be more pressure on the commodities. He is advising investors to focus on the long-term fundamentals for both silver and copper.

Matt Badiali is very optimistic about silver in the long-term and mentions the extreme gold to silver ratio being eighty-four. Every time the silver to gold ratio hits this extreme, silver tends to rally. In 2011, silver rallied to almost $50 an ounce. There are many analysts who feel that silver is on the verge of a major breakout and some of the more optimistic analysts believe that silver will hit triple digits. Mr. Badiali mentions that silver is going to be necessary for many of the solar projects that many countries plan to undertake over the next few years.

Matt Badiali is extremely bullish about copper. He feels that copper prices should not be falling because copper demand is higher than the supply. The area he believes is going to launch copper is the electric vehicle. China is one country that is requiring its automakers to have a portion of their auto sales be electric vehicles starting next year.

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Sujit Choudhry and the News

Sujit Choudhry is a face that many people around the globe know extremely well. He’s a comparative constitutional law maestro who has been walking the planet since back in 1970. Sujit Choudhry is the individual who directs a trusted organization that’s called the Center for Constitutional Transitions as well. Since Sujit Choudhry is a professional who is held in high esteem by countless others, it’s only natural that there is great demand for his opinions. How does he respond to that significant demand? He responds to it by putting things out into social media. He has accounts with wildly popular social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Sujit Choudhry has been giving his followers updates for years now, too. He started his Facebook journey years ago in 2012. That’s when he signed up for the network in the first place.

Sujit Choudhry doesn’t use Twitter or Facebook for silly or frivolous purposes. That’s probably why he has such a tireless following on his side. There are a minimum of 3,000 individuals on Facebook who have proven their appreciation for the government specialist. He racks up new followers and “likes” on social media all of the time, too. Choudhry’s fanbase gets bigger and bigger by the day. Choudhry doesn’t skip a beat on social media. He’s not the kind of person who ever goes days and days without posting. Social media silence isn’t his style at all.

Choudhry utilizes social media in varied ways. He occasionally puts short yet meaningful video clips up on Facebook. These clips depict his plentiful activities. It isn’t atypical for Choudhry to go to events that are set up in international settings. Choudhry also browses the news with regularity. He concentrates on in-depth news stories that pop up in all sorts of highly regarded national and global publications.

SEC Whistleblower Program – What You Need to Know

SEC whistleblower program provides awards to qualified whistleblowers who give original data. This information may lead to the success of SEC enforcement actions. The civil punishments are more than $1 million. A whistleblower receives an award that ranges between 10 to 30 percent of the value of money collected. The money is collected in the practices brought by the SEC. Labaton Sucharow has a goal of protecting and strengthening sec whistleblowers. This is to encourage them to report any form of violations. Whistleblowers are against any kind of corruption. The actions of whistleblowers assist in safeguarding jobs and investors. They also enhance the capital generation and fair markets.

One of the major pillars for SEC whistleblower program is the ability to report wrongdoers and remain anonymous. In the past, whistleblowers were being exposed. This hindered them from reporting any misconduct or wrongdoing. Fraud and misconduct would take place in an organization without anyone detecting. This would lead to a fall in the organization and nothing could be done. Labaton Suchalow allowed anonymous reporting to encourage whistleblowers to report before it is too late. To report misconduct, a whistleblower is represented by an attorney. The attorney verifies the details of the whistleblower before making the submission to the SEC. the intermediary between the SEC and whistleblower is the attorney. The whistleblower will then disclose their identity to the SEC before receiving their reward.

The SEC program provides the whistleblower guaranteed protection against retaliation by the company. The program takes action on the companies that try to harass an employee who has acted as a whistleblower. The companies may face the law for retaliating an employee who has assisted in the investigation. This has encouraged the employees to provide information without fear. It has encouraged them to not tolerate any misconduct which might result in losses in the near future. This right to privacy covers even those who are not employees in the company but have provided information. Even if the person who reported does not qualify for a whistleblower reward, they offer protection from any form of retaliation. This involves those who have observed a potential breach, for instance, a customer. In the case of they report they should not be humiliated by anyone. Any form of retaliation towards them is against the law.

There are requirements for one to qualify for SEC whistleblower award. Not anyone qualifies to be a whistleblower. Others do not qualify while others have to undergo through additional procedures for them to receive whistleblowers award. The awards are presented to qualified individuals who meet the following:

  • On ones accord provide the commission;
  • With native data about a possible breach of the federal securities laws;
  • That leads to enforcement of actions to stop the violations;
  • And this results to financial reward that is more than $1 million;

The information regarding a possible breach may be passed on through two ways. One is through electronic means through SEC tips, complaints and referrals page. It can also be submitted through the use of emails and fax. All the tips are treated confidentially. The sec does not disclose who sent it or who reported. This gives the whistleblower assurance of security. Third parties do not access that information.

Matt Badiali Explains Why Gold Makes A Great Hedge Against Market Risks

Matt Badiali is an investment guru who specializes in helping people make money from natural resources like Brent crude, precious metals, and crops like marijuana. He lives and works in Delray Beach, Florida, and writes a financial newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, that is available through the publishing house Banyan Hill.

He recently wrote an article where he talked about why gold is a good investment. Matt Badiali said to think of it as insurance against steep drops in the stock market. He wrote that as the United States stock market has gone up over the past six years the value of gold has declined because the two are correlated.

Knowledgeable gold investors know that this is what happens as the value of gold moved opposite of the stock market. It was doing its job declining in value, just like it will do its job the next time the stock market collapses. Matt Badiali says he owns gold because it is great to have when there is volatility in the stock markets.

Gold is accepted by many as a way to store value. It isn’t subject to rust or corrosion and it’s a beautiful thing to look at. It has held its value ever since someone thousands of years ago grabbed a chunk of it out of some stream bed. That is has declined in value recently is a good thing, he says.

He points to the height of the last financial crisis in 2008. The S&P collapsed by almost 40 percent in just that year. The value of gold, though, went up by 5 percent. The S&P 500 went down in value by 15 percent from the start of 2008 to the end of 2011. During that same time period, gold rose in value by 86 percent. To know more about him click here.

Matt Badiali says that if you don’t own gold now you should. The stock market has been very volatile recently with the S&P 500 down in value by 4 percent. Gold went up by the same exact percentage. It is easy to buy in different forms such as jewelry, coins, and on the stock market.

Upwork Helps You To Stay On Top Of Your To-Do List

Working as a freelancer often means setting your own schedule and meeting deadlines. You can create a to-do list to manage all your tasks, but you need to make sure you are staying on track with your work. This is why Upwork has shared several tips to help you stay on top of your to-do list.

Record Every Task

It is better to record your to-do list rather than trying to remember it. The key is to focus on the task at hand, and trying to remember your list will cause you to focus on your incomplete tasks. You can record it on paper, an application or online planner.

Prepare Your List Early

Preparing your to-do list before you go to bed every night is a great way to save time. When you decide which task is going to start your day in advance, you can spend the next morning being productive.

Create One List

You are wasting time looking for a to-do list that is scattered across your inbox, application and notebook. It is important to create one to-do list online or offline. This way, you can spend time working through your to-do list instead of looking for it.

Assign Time Attributes

Create a realistic work schedule by assigning time attributes to every task on your list. The time attributes include your start date, length of task and deadline. Assigning time attributes keeps you from taking on more work than you can handle.

Upwork is an online marketplace for freelancers and clients to connect and work on a project together. Clients can list the jobs and hire freelancers based on their skills and qualifications. The categories include copywriting, web design and video editing.

You can stay on top of your to-do list by preparing it early and keeping it organized.

Led By David Zalik, GreenSky Is A Fintech Company Heading Higher

The name David Zalik doesn’t mean anything to the average person. If Zalik could maintain that anonymity, then he definitely would remain in the background. However, he founded financial technology company GreenSky in 2006. His company has grown from a small fintech company into one of the darlings of the industry. It’s a profitable company with a bright future, and 2018 could be the best year for the company yet.

A Relatively Unknown Company By Today’s Standards

As a fintech company, most people would expect GreenSky’s name to be plastered everywhere. Zalik started the company over a decade ago and has remained behind the scenes since then. He has resisted going public or taking on major institutional investors to grow the company. In fact, Zalik maintains a majority of the ownership in his company, which is somewhat uncommon among fintech companies.

What Service Does The Company Provide?

GreenSky is a fintech company rather than a lender. The company works with nearly 20,000 contractors across the country. When these contractors visit a homeowner, they offer services for home improvement projects. From there, Zalik’s company connects potential borrowers with banks willing to lend the necessary funds. GreenSky provides up to $65,000 for each home improvement project.

Contractors can secure a loan approval for a homeowner in seconds. For interested homeowners, a contractor takes their information and plugs it into a smartphone app. The app connects with GreenSky and its network of banks. An approval comes in less than 60 seconds, and then homeowners are ready to renovate their homes. Typically, contractors pay GreenSky a commission, and banks pay a service fee as well.

A Great Setup With Very Little Risk

Since GreenSky doesn’t own the loans, the company faces little risk. A default on a loan doesn’t hurt the company as much as the bank. Still, it’s necessary to point out that positive loan performance means the bank provides more money to GreenSky. The company profits from both contractors and the lenders without assuming much risk. A long-term loan provides an ongoing source of revenue for the company each year.

Rumors Of An Initial Public Offering Arise For GreenSky

GreenSky recently made the first steps toward making an initial public offering. The company has been private since its inception in 2006. By going public, Zalik and GreenSky stand to make a lot of money. An IPO isn’t guaranteed but does show how successful the company has been to this point. Annual revenue reached $250 million in 2017 and is expected to hit $400 million for 2018. With such an incredible business model, Zalik’s company stands to keep making more and more money as time goes on.


Zeco Auriemo Has Been Building JHSF For 25 Years

Jose Auriemo Neto is usually referred to as Zeco Auriemo. Zeco is one of the most accomplished Brazilian businessmen and is based out of New York. He has spent numerous years working to help ensure JHSF would be a prominent name in the industry of real estate. He wanted the company to be successful not just in Brazil, but throughout the world. JHSF is located in many different countries, and is well know in the global real estate market. Zeco Auriemo is currently focusing on an expansion of their international operations. He is currently in the development stage for a luxury New York apartment.

Zeco Auriemo attended Sao Paulo University and studied business administration. His education in engineering was completed at the Fundacao Armando University. Once he joined JHSF, he took the company to an entirely new level. He believes a leader should be an inspiration by working just as hard as everyone else. Even though he maintains a leadership position, he works hard on every project with his associates. Zeco Auriemo helped JHSF succeed with their first retail project in 2009. He assisted in bringing the top brands to Brazil, and his example was emulated by many others. In 1998, he helped build a big shopping center in Santa Cruz. This center is now a major destination for both the tourists and the locals.

Zeco Auriemo originally started working for JHSF in 1993. For the last 25 years, he has changed the company in many positive ways. This has enabled JHSF to withstand the challenges as time has passed. In addition to an exceptional businessman, Zeco Auriemo has also dedicated himself to philanthropy. He has never been interested in advertising this fact. He has become one of the largest contributors to numerous non-profit organizations, see (Istoedinheiro.com) for additional information. Zeco Auriemo not only makes financial contributions, he also give his time.


Bernardo T. Chua is Riding the wave of Direct Marketing Sales

Bernardo Chua is a businessman, as well as an entrepreneur. He has become an expert in the field of direct marketing. He saw it as the most effective means of product sales and generate an income. He has developed a direct sales system that works for him and he generously shares with others. His business plan operates on the multi-level marketing strategy and independent distributors. It gives each individual involved the opportunity to set up and build a business for themselves. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

Chua has been successful establishing several companies including Gano Excel and Organo Gold. The company focused on mainly tea and coffee, but have branched out with other products. He discovered the hetnganodermo, a type of polypote mushroom that grows on the wooden logs worldwide and is regarded as a healthy additive in Asia.

Bernardo Chua is a very successful businessman and that success and his commitment to business has been recognized with several awards. He has received the National Shoppers Choice Award for being a top direct sales company and the Dangal ng Nayan Award for Business and Industry from the Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards. He has also received the Direct Sales Company of the year several times.

Early in his career, Bernardo Chua saw the benefits of direct sales. It proved to be the quickest way to grow a business and create momentum for that business. Even with a thriving business, Chua looks for ways to improve strategy and methods for direct sales, as well as new and improved products. He also stays focused on staying ahead of the competition and being at the forefront of direct marketing sales. Chua is also an advocate of education. It is important to provide informational about the benefits of the products his company sells, as well as edicatipnong individuals who wish to take on the business opportunity and be successful.

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