Highlight on the Eucatex Group and Flavio Maluf

Eucatex Group was founded back in 1951 and it is a sheet metal factory that began operating in Salto in the year 1954. It kick started its operations with the focus on producing liners and insulation from eucalyptus wood fibers and marketing them to interested parties. As the years have gone by, Eucatex Group has experienced rapid growth in its operations leading to the present enterprise it is today. It currently satisfies the furniture making and packaging needs as well as supplying big industrial constructions, cars and toys. It also supplied foreign markets with doors and plates.

At the moment, the group is concentrating on the construction sector and furniture industry. The company owns a complex of three factories. The factory manufacturing paints and varnishes operates from Salto and the factory dealing with panels and flooring works has its operations based in Botucatu. The company also has a Forestry Unit that runs a seedling nursery. Eucatex opened an industrial plant at the Municipality of Salto in Sao Paulo State. This new plant will be in charge of production of thin high density fiberboard and the medium density fiberboard (FDF). The Maluf family is the parent company of the Eucatex Group and its chair is Flavio Maluf.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a prominent businessman based in Brazil who was born on December 2, 1961 in Sao Paulo. He is the eldest son to Paulo Maluf, a Brazilian politician. Flavio is a mechanical engineer by profession having attended and successfully graduated from the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). He is presently holding the post of Company President of the Eucatex Group as well as the GrandFood Group.

Flavio mentors the budding entrepreneurs by expounding on the various ways of achieving success and profitability when they internationalize their businesses. He points out that it is crucial for the entrepreneurs to perform a study and internalize the target market in order to find the segment level they need to exploit. He also adds that it is important for entrepreneurs to act in a local manner but think in a global way.

The Kabbalah Centre Makes An Ancient Teaching Accessible for the Modern Age

Kabbalah is an ancient knowledge and practice that in this modern age is reaching more people than ever before. Kabbalah is older than the Bible and was originally passed on just one person at a time from teacher to student until 1922, when Rav Yehuda Ashlag, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre, was the first person to translate the Zohar, a main text from which Kabbalah’s teachings are based, from ancient Aramic to modern day Hebrew. This translation into Hebrew was the first major step to making Kabbalah available to everyone.

Kabbalah is an ancient spiritual practice that reveals our connection to the light of the creator and how all joy comes from the energy we receive from this light. The more we understand our connection with this light, the more we identify with our higher self with a desire to share and serve others rather than with our ego which lives to receive for self alone. Our desire to share with others connects us with the light of the creator. In turn, when we are in tune with our higher self we will receive more fulfillment in life and even have a more successful life because we are aligned with our true self, potential and life purpose.

The Kabbalah Centre, which Rav Ashlag founded, is very much alive and well today and is often the first place for people new to Kabbalah to start their journey discovering this effective spiritual practice and applying the ancient wisdom in modern life. Since the wisdom of Kabbalah is based on spiritual laws it is timeless, so it applies just as well today as it did in its beginning. The Kabbalah Centre has many books, meditation guides and classes for the student of Kabbalah to learn from and publishes SPARK Magazine, The Kabbalah Centre Report.

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that has the purpose of going beyond just studying Kabbalah in a scholarly way but in a way that creates a better life for its students and in turn a better world.

Twitter: @kabbalahcentre

Which Companies Can Truly Compare To FreedomPop?

Anyone who hasn’t used FreedomPop services for themselves should try it out before making any judgments or listening to any commentary from others. Even though most people will check with their friends and family members before they switch to a different wireless carrier, some may be biased in their opinion, so it’s always best to try the company out for one’s self. FreedomPop has a lot of features that many people love, and most people will get a lot out of the services that FreedomPop offers. Those that are in certain areas can access many if not all of FreedomPop’s services.

Those that are able to take full advantage of each and every service that FreedomPop offers will not only see that FreedomPop is a great company but also that they have amazing services. One of the most popular services that FreedomPop offers is the cell phone service, and the most popular cell phone plan is the unlimited plan. Although many wireless carriers have unlimited plans, their charges for these particular plans can be very high, especially compared to FreedomPop. While other carriers are charging $50-$100 each month for unlimited cell phone service, FreedomPop only charges $20 each month for the same unlimited wireless service.

With up to 80% savings on wireless service charges, FreedomPop is leading the way in low-priced cell phone service, and the service is of great quality as well. Dropped calls are not a problem with FreedomPop, and connecting to another cell phone is done without any problems. The majority of people who use FreedomPop are using a smartphone, and the smartphones are either previously used phones from the Sprint network or phones that they purchased directly from FreedomPop. Since FreedomPop has a high number of cell phones available for sale, picking a great phone is not hard at all.

Along with the great cell phone service that FreedomPop offers, the company also offers home Internet service, unlimited Wi-Fi service, and portable hotspots are available too. FreedomPop even offers free services, which include 500 MB of free data for a hotspot, 1 GB of free home Internet data, and free cell phone service that consists of 500 MB of data, 200 minutes, and 500 text messages. FreedomPop is going out of their way in order to make their customers satisfied as well as to bring amazing services that are low in cost to their customers.


Reference Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreedomPop

Learn more: http://www.biblemoneymatters.com/freedompop-review-free-4g-wireless-internet-access-can-help-you-save-on-your-cell-phone-bill/

Davos Financial Group Launches Real Estate Investment App

Davos Real Estate Group is pleased to announce the release of the “Davos Cap Calculator,” a unique tool that will help investors make the right decision in the US real estate market. Davos Real Estate Group, together with Davos Financial Group, are dedicated to helping investors with a customized approach to real estate. Their experts can help with purchases, mortgages, rentals, development, and legal issues. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/david-osio-celebra-la-iniciativa-de-la-directiva-de-davos-real-estate-group-al-desarrollar-su-nueva-aplicacion-davos-cap-calculator-586962591.html

The Investment Division of Davos Financial Group, headed by David Osio, believes that real estate should be one component of a diversified portfolio, since real estate can often help boost overall performance of your portfolio and reduce associated risks all the while keeping up a healthy rate of return. However, there are a number of factors to consider, among them inflation linked to rising rental levels and improvements on the property.

The Davos Cap Calculator is app that helps you calculate net income, capitalization rates, and cash flow on your real estate investment. The app even allows you to enter mortgage information and simulate how those conditions affect the investment. Davos Real Estate Group is also planning on releasing an app that allows users to search the Multiple Listing Service for investment properties.

David Osio, executive director and founder of Davos Real Estate Group, holds degrees in Law and Finance from Andres Bello Catholic University in Venezuela. He went on to become a partner in the MGO Firm, a prestigious law firm in Caracas, where he specialized in corporate law. He parlayed his success in corporate law into a career in finance. Osio went on to become Vice President of Commercial Banking at Banco Latino Internacional (BLI) in Miami, Florida before starting his own firm. He also holds graduate degrees from ISEA Business School and the New York Institute of Finance.

For the past 20 years, Osorio has worked to transform Davos Financial Group into a major international firm, with offices in Geneva, New York, Miami, Panama, and Lisbon, although true to its roots it continues to specialize in the Latin American and Venezuelan market. The Davos Cap Calculator will help Osio and Davos Financial provide better service to their clients.

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About David Osio

Laidlaw & Company: In a Battle with Relmada Therapeutics

Recently, Laidlaw & Company found themselves in some tricky waters, as Relmada Therapeutics amended their compliant against Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. This is, of course, part of a lawsuit that was previously filed in Nevada District Court. What has been added to the claim is another legal claim saying that Laidlaw & Company disclosed confidential information. They are also looking to obtain monetary damages from fees and costs that it incurred in responding to Laidlaw’s false and misleading proxy items in December 2015. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, occurs from this. This is the stage they are at now, and we will have to let the courts settle it and see if it has any merit or not.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

They have started up a great company that is doing wonderful things and growing, each and every day. They also bring to the table a legacy that is over 170 years. Experience counts for a lot in the investment banking industry. After all, you wouldn’t trust your money to just anyone, that is for sure. Laidlaw is a company you can trust, however, despite what is going on right now.

When you are successful, you are going to run into thing like this all of the time, as it is the nature of the beast. However, when you have a stellar reputation, great employees, and you work hard each and every day, you overcome these obstacles and you are better off in the long run because of them. This is only a road block to bigger and better things for them as a whole.

Shea Butter: A Gift From Nature

Made from the nuts of the Shea tree-Karité, tree protected and considered sacred by the people of Africa, shea butter is most often used to soothe irritations and eczema skin, reduce wrinkles and signs of fatigue and daily stress, heal wounds and scars, soothes sunburns and insect bites.

This tree brings health and beauty into the lives of millions of people in Africa for centuries being present in each step and stage of growth and development, both cultural and human aspects of this culture.

It was first mentioned in literature in the XIV century, when it was used for preparation of various household including traditional food, but also for cosmetic or herbal remedy.

Currently, mainly used in cosmetics, shea butter is a true miracle ingredient that stimulates regeneration at the cellular level, acts against aging and has a multitude of antibacterial, nutritive, moisturizing and regenerating benefits for both body and hair.

With high levels of oleic, palmitic and stearic acids and a mixture of vitamins A, E, D, F along with natural antioxidants, shea butter keeps its emollient and moisturizing capabilities for a long period of time.

Some of the proven benefits of shea butter are: intense and lasting hydration, revitalization and rejuvenation, natural anti-inflammatory, regenerator effect, natural sunscreen, muscle relaxant effect.

EuGenia’s product lines are the outcome of years of research identifying customer’s needs and ongoing perfecting the products. One of the main advantages of this enterprise is that their products include at least 95% shea content, while their competitors generally uses a maximum of 25%.  You can read more information on the quality of their shea butter, on the FAQ – Eu’Genia Shea page.

Eu’Genia works with female workers in Ghana, offering them fair wages and educational opportunities considering the fact that they donate 15% of profits in the form of an education fund.

The brand offers a variety of products depending on your basic moisturizing needs — everyday, pregnancy for mom’s stretch marks or baby’s diaper rash and dermatological for more intense issues like eczema or scarring.

Doe Deere Talks About Her Brand Lime Crime

One of the hottest internet brands for makeup is Lime Crime, a company that truly has befitted the name. At the head of this company is Doe Deere, charismatic and passionate business woman who has had the rare luck of knowing exactly what she has wanted to do even at a young age. This female entrepreneur is not just a pretty face, but the professional designer of all of her high quality brands. The unique name of his business is the best way to describe the product as the product offers bright colors and hues that accentuate the best feature of anyone’s face. When it comes to makeup, Doe Deere does not place it safe. In recent news reported on their Twitter feed, Doe Deere conducted an interview with Galore magazine which is a magazine that specializes in high fashion and innovative ideas. Doe Deere talks about her brand name as well as the reason why she decided to keep an exclusive internet brand name.

When beginning the interview, Galore magazine asked Doe Deere as to when her passion for makeup began. In response to this question, Doe Deere stated that she can remember dressing up in makeup and in bright clothes as early as nine years old. This fond memory has encouraged her to pursue her passion. Doe Deere even commented that she often felt that she cheated with her career because she is having way too much fun. Doe Deere has always loved bright colors and created a brand that shows this passion off to the public.

When asked as to why her brand is exclusively internet-based, Doe Deere responded that this was for the benefit of the consumer. Doe Deere wants to be strictly a brand name that is for the consumer. The best way to do this is to be an internet brand name that encourages fast feedback. This business decision has not only kept Doe Deere motivated and humble, but has also encouraged her to continuously improve the products that she sells. Doe Deere is excited for the future of her product as her fans continue to grow in numbers.  Be sure to follow Lime Crime on Tumblr, and check out the full line of products on Love-Makeup.co.uk.

Tarallucci e Vino Private Event & Dining Space

Gramercy Tavern
The Gramercy Tavern restaurant is located 42 E, Street, Gramercy Park. The restaurant has been in existence for over 20 years and is currently being owned by Danny Meyer. It was opened in the year 1994 in the historic landmark building that it lays up to this present day. It is a favorite for many people in the area, and even visitors and tourists. This is because the restaurant offers seasonal, delicious, and local American cuisine that is just amazing. The main chef in charge of the restaurant’s recipes is Blue Fame’s Chef Michael Anthony. Also, the staff at the restaurant are warm and hospitable, offering unparalleled services to all the people coming for their dining experience at this restaurant.
The dining in the restaurant can be enjoyed in either of the two dining sections in the restaurant; both of which guarantee one a distinct and amazing dining experience. The two spots are the Dining Room and the Tavern. At the Dining room, the menus offered are of a fixed price, but tasty, with the lunch having the option of an a la carte. As for the Tavern, a la carte is served in a setting of the casual walk-in. Here, the dinners have a four-course tasting menu.
They also have a private room that provides a classic spot to hold a private event.
Rotisserie Georgette
Rotisserie Georgette is located at 14 E 60th Street, Upper East Side. This exquisite dining restaurant was modeled after the rotisseries in Paris. One gets to smell and watch at the back the chicken in the ovens trimmed with brass, simmering. The menu of the restaurant covers a broad range of delicious meals and recipes that will have one salivate. However, their main meal which they are known for, and do particularly well is the poulet roti.
The restaurant has a section called chef’s table. This is a cozy place that offers an up-close view of the restaurant’s kitchen and all that goes on in there. This space can hold up to 12 people, and is perfect for small private parties.
The restaurant is also composed of a bar and private dining. For the private dining, there is a set of the menu from which one can choose from, each of which composes of hors d’oeuvre, appetizers, main course, side dishes, and dessert. These meals are all served in a family style creating that intimacy.
Tarallucci e Vino
Tarallucci e Vino is located in Union Square, and offers two beautiful event spaces from occasions of any kind can be held. The chef for the facility is Chef Riccardo Bilotta, who offers a menu that is a blend of modern culinary techniques and traditional Italian cuisine.
The mezzanine is a small, intimate private room that can hold up to 30 people or 80 for a cocktail party. It is composed of a bar, custom brick tables, lounge area, and unique art and mirror work. The Loft can be transformed to hold any event. It is also furnished with a lounge area, a bar, stunning chandeliers, custom-made tables and antique mirrors that are spectacular. This makes Tarallucci e Vino a perfect spot to hold any kind of event.

Find them on the map here:


Practicing Digital Hygiene

Darius M. Fisher is a sort of digital doctor. Fisher and his team at Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, act like a triage center, stanching the flow of harmful digital attacks that threaten to drain the lifeblood from business and personal reputations. Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, has grown his business into the premiere online reputation management company, with over 1,500 clients in over 35 countries.
Fisher, an honors graduate of Vanderbilt University, gave up his career as a copywriter and went to work for himself. The key to Fisher’s success is his commitment to his team and innovative vision to make the internet safer for companies and individuals by giving them tools to manage their digital statuses.
In a recent article, Fisher offered some basic digital hygiene tips to keep your reputation from becoming a digital fatality.
Fisher advises being aggressive when it comes to protecting yourself on social media. Changing all your accounts to private and being cautious about what kind of personal information you share can aid in keeping yourself and your reputation safe. Change your passwords often. Fisher recommends at least four times a year. Not just on your social media accounts, but any site you use that contains sensitive personal information, such as online banking and bill pay. Fisher advises using different, difficult to guess passwords for each site you visit. Fisher recommends writing them down on paper and keeping them in a safe place instead of online where they risk being hacked. Fisher also suggests doing a Google search on your name to see if any damaging information comes up in that search.
If you do fall victim to a privacy breach, there are things you can do. Taking screenshots, changing your passwords and phone number, and filing complaints with media sites and in extreme cases, the police are some of the ways to stop the problem before it ruins your professional reputation.

Soros Details Germany’s Newfound Responsibilities in Ukraine

Although Germany is the owner of Europe’s largest economy and highest population, it has long exhibited a general reluctance to take the leadership reins of the European Union project. There are many valid historical reasons behind this reluctance, particularly the buildup of German power that directly (or perhaps indirectly) precipitated the onset of two world wars. However, in light of the recent conflict roiling Ukraine, many powerful voices in the international media are arguing that Germany must accept the role of union unifier — or Europe could face dire consequences.

Among the commentators calling for a stronger and more assertive Germany is George Soros, the billionaire philanthropist, chairman of Soros Fund Management, and creator and chairman of the worldwide Open Society Foundations. Soros recognizes that Ukraine is ideologically and geographically trapped between two powerful international actors, the European Union and Russia. The country is in the midst of a fledgling experiment with true representative democracy, and in its fragile state it cannot afford to alienate either actor. In this complex situation, Germany can reassert itself as a decision-maker in Europe while simultaneously encouraging cooperation between Russia and Western Europe.

Read more:
http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros George Soros – The New York Times
http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/ George Soros – Forbes

In order to sustain the viability of its new government, Ukraine desperately needs an injection of capital. Germany is by far the wealthiest country in Europe, and is the main state currently funding the debts of countries like Italy and Greece in southern Europe. This gives it tremendous influence over banks and lenders like the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund — by using this influence to trigger investment in Ukraine, Germany can position the EU as an effective counterweight against Russian meddling and aggression in Ukraine. The EU, for all of its impressive accomplishments, has a very difficult time generating cohesive responses to international events, and Germany’s leadership may be just what the bloc needs to present a unified front to the rest of the continent.

Unfortunately, investing in Ukraine is only half of the battle. George Soros also notes that Germany needs to project its international diplomatic power in order to convince Russia to act as a partner in Ukraine’s governmental renaissance. Germany is essentially the only country in Europe that has the global clout to force Russia to the table for a open and honest meeting of heads of state. A cold war replay benefits no one, but until Russia and Western Europe engage in a meaningful and healthy dialogue, tension on either side of the former Iron Curtain will not abate.

European investment in Eastern Europe helped the region emerge from the specter of failed communist growth strategies and become an active participant in the global economy. Today, Ukraine is in desperate need of a similar stimulus package, and only Germany can marshal the necessary resources to make that fantasy a reality. The Ukrainian situation is an excellent test of Western Europe’s true passion for democratic systems of government, and the European Union’s response will depend largely on how prepared Germany is to take a leadership role in the international community again.

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