A Look At Kevin Seawright’s Career Path

Kevin Seawright is the current Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Coupled with this, he is also the organizations’ Chief Financial Officer. He is currently based in Newark, New Jersey. Kevin Seawright has extensive knowledge and expertise in accounting and project management. Seawright attributes his experience to his work and career development at various fields such as government, real estate development and education. He worked in real estate in Baltimore, MD and Washington DC.

In addition to working at these reputable sectors, Kevin Seawright was also an advisory board member of Babe Ruth Museum. Kevin has also coached his local youth sports team at New Jersey. Kevin Seawright is also a member of American Society for Public Administration, National Association for Black Accountants and National Forum for Black Public Administrators.

He was recently awarded a certificate by Notre Dame’s Executive Leadership Program. This was due to the fact that he had successfully completed the second installment for the purposes of promoting Nonprofit Fund Development Program. This step by Kevin Seawright is among many that he has taken to build up on his role as Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development. While accepting this certificate, Kevin expressed his enthusiasm to be involved and work with other organizations that are all about bringing a positive impact in the society.

Kevin Seawright has worked in private and public sectors for over ten years taking over the leadership role always. He is well versed in financial management particularly to do with local government agencies. His leadership responsibility at Newark Community Economic Development is described as the coming together of the effort and dedication he has put in for the better part of his career life.

He is also dedicated in working with communities, the federal government and public schools by helping in improving their systems and structure. Through all these, Kevin Seawright believes that he will successfully help in empowering communities, make them be all-rounded and strengthen them. One can find Kevin Seawright on his Twitter account where he interacts regularly with his followers and also on Tumblr and LinkedIn where he gets to share his professional life and achievements.

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