Ian King: TheCryptocurrency Investment Expert.

 Ian King is currently cryptocurrency trader with over 20 years who formerly worked as hedge fund manager. He experienced in trading and financial markets analysis. Ian King is the founder of IntelliPoint where he produces and creates original investment contents to help investors navigate the cryptocurrency market. Mr. Ian King is a graduate of Lafayette College with a Bachelor’s’ degree in science.

Ian King began his career journey in the investment world as a desk clerk at Salomon Brothers, after which he joined credit derivative department at Citigroup where for a period of ten years he worked as a head trader. This early business experience and his educational background have positioned King in a unique and better position to take upon his current role as a cryptocurrency specialist at Banyan Hill. He is the Crypto Profit Trade editor service which is an investment advisory that stipulates on how to win crypto trends in a unique three-part trading strategy.

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Ian King recently discussed the issue on crypto coins. He states that crypto corns have opened doors of investment opportunity to everyone as today they aren’t restricted to rich and famous people like before. Mr. King indicates that cryptos have solved real-world problems such that with the use of cryptocurrencies suppliers from different locations in the world can receive payments from their customers in less than three days. He adds on that more than $1 trillion could be saved from the Global GDP as money lost during foreign currency exchange. However with such benefits, he says one can access crypto corns through; Bitcoins-which serves as a storehouse of value and medium of trade, Ethereum also is another source, Ripple, and Litecoin.Mr.King says that with the changing world, there are projects already in place to introduce the use of cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange for goods and services just like credit cards.

Ian also explains how the Bond market is challenging the stock market. According to him, more investors are turning their attention into the bond markets. Bond yields have been rising such that in a clear instance, a three-month bill with no risks may yield twice in percentage and this attracts investors’ attention from the volatile stock markets. Read this article about Ian King at Banyan Hill.


Paul Mampilly Explains Bitcoin Rise

In today’s troubling economy, it’s hard to say find someone who can be trusted. Over the past few years, many people have turned to Paul Mampilly. He’s a former investor and hedge fund manager turned Robin Hood of sorts. He left Wall Street to help regular Americans find wealth in the markets.

Since leaving the fast-paced world of Wall Street, he’s been featured on numerous financial TV programs and web shows, including CNBC, FOX Business News, and Bloomberg TV. He’s founded and worked for some of the most prestigious financial institutes in America and has more than 25 years of experience in finance and investing. Visit: https://affiliatedork.com/banyan-hill-publishing-investment-advice for more information.

Currently, he dedicates much of his time to offer his experience and knowledge through his newsletter, Profits Unlimited. Profits Unlimited is his way of guiding Americans through the pitfalls and hills of Wall Street. In his newsletter, he gives a detailed explanation of affordable stocks he believes will skyrocket in the coming months.

He also makes it very clear that he is not a professional financial advisor and that no one has to consider his opinion. Unfortunately, many people take him at his word and then blame him when their investments fall short.

Paul Mampilly does not claim to be able to see the future, so his suggestions are only as accurate as the market is stable. Seeing as how the markets are rarely stable, his opinion is just that, an opinion. It’s up to Paul Mampilly subscribers to take that final step.

He also manages two other services offered by Banyan Hill Publishing, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. He uses those two sources to talk about trending market shifts and economic trends that may affect the way people trade and invest.

In a recent article, he talked about how Bitcoin will soon replace Gold as a long-term savings strategy. For more than 5,000 years, Gold has reigned over everyone’s economy since it’s something physical that people can hold and feel safe about. Bitcoin is more popular with young business professionals. Visit his twitter to get the latest update.


Leads Financial Services In Dallas

NexBank: Local Financial Heros

There are thousands of customers that have been able to utilize the popular NexBank services online interface to navigate their account from anywhere online. They remain committed to industrial, commercial, and personalized accounts. They proudly serve a diverse community of over 300,000+ online professionals. Their online platform eliminates the traditional form of banking. Protect your personal or business account with the proper assets or government backed FDIC insurance. You’ll have access to your account 24 hours a day with access to a responsive online representative. Join the NexBank financial group and reduce your online bank fees. Customers can also apply for their 0 fraud liability Mastercard® securely online.

NexBank Features

– multiple device access

– no fee ATM’s

– safe deposit

– live/telephone support

– mortgage accounts

– free personal accounts

Get your dream home with a NexBank mortgage account. They partner with the Habitat Humanity to help their clients realize their dreams of owning a home. You have a lower mortgage and interest rates on your account features compared to other financial networks. Do you want to watch your money work for you? Join the NexBank financial group and save.

The Innovation Of Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky was born on September 2, 1969, in Southfield, Michigan. After graduating from high school in 1987, he did further studies at the University of Michigan, graduating in 1991. After graduating with further education in law, he and a friend co-founded clothing company. In 2000 he joined the team of Halo Industries as its COO. In 2001, co-founded InnerWorkings. He is a co-founder and current CEO of Tempus, a company focused on developing technology that aids doctors in the battle against cancer. He is also a co-founder of several other companies including Groupon.

In 2005, Lefkofsky co-founded Echo Global Logistics. In 2006, he co-founded MediaBank. In 2007, he co-founded the online collection agency, ThePoint.com. This company changed its name to Groupon in 2008. In 2010 Forbes listed Groupon as the fastest growing company in history. It was doing so well by this time in fact that Google offered to buy it for a reported $6 billion with this offer turned down. In 2012 MediaBank merged with Donavan Data Systems and became Mediaocean. In addition, he is one of the founding investors in Uptake Technologies. In 2014, he co-founded Uptake, LLC. And finally, in 2016 he co-founded Tempus.

He also is committed to several areas of philanthropy. In 2006 he and his wife Liz started the Leftkofsky Family Foundation to manage these charitable areas. He also sits on the charity boards of the Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is also highly involved with the educational world. He currently serves as adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. He has also taught Applied Technology at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. He also sits as a board member and co-chair of the Technology Councill of the World Business Chicago.

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