Career Achievements of Bernardo Chua

A titan in the field of entrepreneurship, Bernardo Chua has made a name for himself through the notable successes he has brought to Organo Gold. He was already a successful entrepreneur before launching the firm and the skills he possessed in the field are impeccable. He is currently CEO and founder of Organo Gold and he has seen the firm grow tremendously since its establishment in 2008. Through the expertise, he holds in customer services, he has offered his clients the best products according to their tastes and preferences.

Bernardo Chua also posses impeccable leadership skills and this has enabled him to maintain good relations with his team of employees as well as his clients. His ability to treat his employees with understanding has seen his form rise to the top due to their ability to work towards a common goal. He has received a lot of accreditation from a vast number of people for his admirable character and ability to lead his firm towards achieving its objectives. Read more about Bernardo Chua on

The major success that Bernardo Chua has achieved have seen him receive recognition to form a vast number of people. He has received a series of awards for his notable contributions to the business sector. In 2016, Bernardo was honored as one of the most successful businesspersons of the year with the Dangal ng Bayan Award. The awards are given to business people in the Pacific Rim as a recognition for their efforts and commitment towards bringing growth in the sector.

Besides, Bernardo also received the National Shoppers Choice Award in three consecutive times and this profoundly contributed to his today’s great reputation. His successes have been attributed to his dedication to achieving the best as well as his ability to implement ideas. Bernardo seeks to keep using innovation in his ventures as he believes they are among the major basis of r a successful venture. Check:


The Ambitious Leader Sujit Choudhry

The Driver of Success

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned attorney and professor. He has a vast amount of experiences in many phases of law and research. Sujit Choudhry is best known for being a constitutional advisor and the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. His research has been mainly in the fields of comparative law and advocating democracies in drafting constitutional amendments and constitutions in general. Choudhry has various publishings, over ninety in aggregate. Also, Sujit Choudhry is a member of many organizations which contribute to research and determine evidence on many constitutional related topics.


Center for Constitutional Transitions

The organization founded by Sujit Choudhry filled the void of the lack of research organizations devoted to the advancement of constitutional evidence based research. The organization creates knowledge beneficial for constitutional transitions. The work that the organization does is critical in the fact many constitutions rely on the expert advice and guidance regarding the topic of constitutional transitions. Prior to the existence of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, there were no organizations dedicated to the topic and practice. The center does more than just advice; they also connect practitioners by providing networking resources, helpful hints on (


Moving Forward

The advice and input Sujit Choudhry retains is valuable. Sujit Choudhry’s tacit & explicit knowledge is vast and encompasses several aspects of constitutional law and politics. An attribute to his many successes is his ability to think ahead, often prior to evidence of what is coming next. He is an example of a progressive, forward thinker. It is a habit which makes him a productive leader. Also, Choudhry believes that harnessing the power of the internet is extremely valuable, source ( The potential the power of the internet possesses is vast & extensive. The research his organization is doing is now vast with no limits. The research is broad, not isolated to one specific region. A differentiator in his capabilities is his ability to talk with people “on the ground”. Receiving direct evidence and facts is valuable when performing research. A strategy he has expressed is his entrepreneurial spirit which has been a key factor in his many successes, visit

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Randal Nardone Uses Diversification to Shield the Company against Financial Losses

Randal Nardone is a co-founder and one of the chief executive officers at Fortress Investment Group. He has performed a fundamental role in the foundation and development of this entity to the stage where it has expanded enough to become one of the largest alternative asset managers in the world today. His skills and knowledge have seen him propose some of the best policies that have benefited the organization for a more extended period. One of the main strategies that Randal Nardone formulated and implemented at Fortress Investment Group using diversification as a method of minimizing the risks that are likely to face the company.

Through the leadership and guidance of Randal Nardone, Fortress Investment Group diversified its portfolio such that its assets could be traced in different industries and even locations. For example, you will find that Fortress Group has significantly invested in infrastructure projects, housing projects, and significant stock on the New York Stock Exchange and currently in the healthcare industry. Investing in different sectors offers the company the best shield against uncertainties and risks that face the market on a daily basis.

In scenarios where the market is faced with uncertainty, for example in the real estate market, Fortress Group will only lose all the assets in the real estate portfolio, but other investments in other industries will continue to provide profits to the organization. This will help the organization to proceed with its operations as it tries to recover the losses while simultaneously trying to reassert its authority back in the real estate market after the market crash. However, other organizations that had purely invested all their assets in the real estate industry are likely to collapse and will not be able to come back into the market.

Randal Nardone offered a reasonable solution that would help the firm continue with its operations despite the increasing risk levels which are currently brought about by the changing consumer behavior, innovative technology, and political instability around the world. Investing in different locations was geared towards ensuring that the company has a global foothold in various parts of the world rather than restricting its operations in the United States which would make it look like a local company.

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Businessman Guilherme Paulus’ Profile

The Brazilian Born businessman, Guilherme Paulus is a precious and worth more than one billion dollars. Guilherme Paulus has accumulated this wealth due to his early involvement in the sector of tourism. He has involved himself in operations like starting of tourist hotels in different brazil parts which are significant tourist attraction places.


At a very young age of 20 years, he was working as an intern at the IBM Agency. Guilherme also started investing in the sector of tourism at the age of 24 that is back in 1972. He partnered with a Brazilian politician to start a tourism agency known as CVC Brazil operation Agency.

The politician left the agency after four years leaving the organization under the able hands of Guilherme Paulus. After this, the agency grew up and became one of the largest touring company. Find out more about Paulus at Exame.

Career Break Through

In the year 2009, an agency by the name of Carlyle bought an approximate of 64 per cent of the company shares. More capital to this organization helped him to start a series of tourism hotels known as GLP Resorts and Hotels, which grew to be more than 15 hotels becoming a great achievement. Guilherme Paulus started to gain public recognition due to his management skills. Apart from locating these hotels in the central places, he has now brought them near Brazilian airports where they serve even the local people working around.

Guilherme Paulus and his tourism agency came to break the profit records, which he had achieved earlier during the 2014 World cup held in Brazil and the 2016 Olympics in the summer. The two-world event held in this country led to significant achievements in his entire career as all of his hotels and resorts were flocked with customers.

Roles in the Community

Guilherme Paulus has played tremendous and vital roles in trying to improve and better the lives of his fellow Brazilians. He offers employment and starting up small finance groups to provide small loans to young people and promoting talents to the young people. Read more:


Dr Rod Rohrich Is A Leader In Plastic Surgury

Dr. Rod J Rohrich is a Dallas-based plastic surgeon. He is also a professor of plastic surgery at the Department of Plastic Surgery UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rohrich is famous in his world. He is highly respected in the medical field as an innovative practitioner and teacher of his craft. Dr. Rohrich made appearances on several different major television programs such as Good Morning America, the Oprah Winfrey Show and The View. Dr. Rohrich specializes in restoring youth to the human face and body. He holds many different positions at prestigious organizations throughout the medical field and continues to pave the way for other surgeons who study his work.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is one the original visionaries of the Dept. of expert Plastic Surgery at the UT Southwestern. He is a professor who continues to teach and spread important knowledge. Dr. Rohrich is originally from North Dakota were he graduated college. Rod Rohrich attended Baylor University where he studied medicine and also graduated with honors. He did residency at the University of Michigan Medical Center where he practiced plastic surgery and general surgery. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich then moved on to Europe where he spent time at Oxford University in England as a pediatric plastic surgeon. Harvard Medical School was next as Dr. Rohrich completed the hand and microvascular fellowship with Massachusetts General Hospital. He eventually joined UT Southwestern in 1986.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a pioneer in plastic surgery and is the head of many organizations in his field. He is currently the chairman of important plastic surgery think tanks that do groundbreaking work around the world.

Dr. Rohrich’s philanthropic work is done through his own foundation. He supports medical students in his hometown of North Dakota. Dr. Rohrich has also traveled to third world countries and performed reconstructive surgery on children.

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The Growth of the Leading Food Provider: OSI Industries

The firm started as a small butcher shop before expanding to become the largest food provider in the world. It employs thousands of people in its different locations around the globe. It operates in 17 countries and has 65 facilities. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, two years after he arrived in the United States, he was an immigrant. The aim of starting the shop was to meet the needs of his community. OSI Industries continued to grow after the end of the First World War by expanding into other areas. It was operating as a family business. In 1928, it was rebranded as Otto and Sons. It stood out among other local businesses by recording good profit margins for many years.

OSI Industries partnered with McDonald to help in the distribution of food products. McDonald’s main product was hamburgers. The partnership contributed highly to the growth of the firm as it had many outlets around the country. It employs high-level technology with the aim of transforming the industry. The company has received international recognition for its innovative solutions that promote food safety. Within two decades, the firm grew from a regional operator to an international brand. The management ensured consistency in production to meet the needs of the customers. The partnership grew stronger in the 1960s after technological advancements. Some of the main innovations included flash freezing and use of liquid Nitrogen.

Otto and Sons changed the name to OSI Industries in 1975. The transformation of the company also included leadership changes. Sheldon Lavin joined the firm as a partner and was later promoted to serve as the chief executive officer. According to the Forbes Magazine, it is one of the largest firms in the United States. It was ranked at position 58 in 2016. A report issued by the company showed that the estimated value of its sales was $6.1 billion.

A Century of Innovation at OSI Group. The growth of the firm can also be attributed to the communication it maintains with the retailers to meet the changing customers.OSI industries uses technology that helps to conserve the environment and was awarded for its efforts.

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Guidance for Mountain Biking By Michael Hagele

According to Michael Hagele, mountain biking is not a sport for expert riders only. Nowadays, many people refer to it as “the new golf.” The beginners shouldn’t be intimidated because, with the right facilities and proper physical orientation and positive thinking, most individuals can learn mountain biking within a short period.

Michael says that attending skill camps is one of the best ways of learning more about mountain biking. Such programs can be found in Northern Virginia, the mountain west, Northeast U.S., and California. Experienced bike riders can also help beginners learn essential skills. View Michael Hagele’s profile at

Introduction to Off-Road Riding

Several major metro places such as Atlanta and Chicago have mountain biking parks, which have groomed training tracks. The tracks are suitable for the beginners especially when it comes to controlling the gears of their bikes as well as steering around different obstacles. At the tracks, beginners can interact with the experienced riders for better advice and guidance.

Michael advises beginners to use high-quality equipment when starting out. They may choose to buy, rent, or borrow the facilities. He says that mountain bikes have thicker and sturdier frames and their tires are kept at relatively low pressure. They have superior gearing systems when compared to the road bikes. As a beginner, you should have a properly fitting helmet, athletic shoes as well as lightweight clothing. It is not recommendable to invest in mountain biking shoes especially when you are a beginner.

About Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele works with technology firms within the internet, biotechnology, defense as well as aerospace industries. Along with being an entrepreneur, he is also an investor and a founder of some companies within the hospitality and restaurant industries. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to negotiating, licensing distribution as well as development agreements within the international and domestic internet, hardware, telecommunications, and software fields.

Before moving to what he does nowadays, Michael Hagele worked as the general counsel for various internet companies. His primary task was to manage legal affairs like employment issues, property strategy, corporate governance and many more. Before that, Hagele worked at the Licensing as well as Online Commerce Group. He acquired his J.D from California University. He is also an Alumnus of the University of Iowa where he specialized in B.A. You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting:




Luiz Carlos Trabuco, a man who has all the reasons to be recognized as a critical player in the growth of Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the most celebrated leaders in Bradesco Bank for the contributions and the significant impact he has made towards the growth and development of the bank. Bank Bradesco is now one of the leading institutions in the financial industry in Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as the Chief Executive Officer and the president of the bank for a significant number of years before he was replaced early this year by Mr Octavio De Lazaro who was the president of one of the insurance segments f the bank, Bradesco Seguros. This marked one of the most significant occasions of the bank, which was the retirement of one of their most important leaders during the development life of Bradesco Bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was responsible for the improvement of the bank’s communication systems and increase in its enclosure to the media when he was the leader of the clerical office which was his first position in the bank when he was in his teenage. This helped to increase the market share f the bank t a significant level.

He was also responsible for the introduction of the bank’s shares to the New York Stock Exchange Market when he was serving as the president of Bradesco Seguros, the insurance segment of Bank Bradesco. During this time, he helped increase their income of the segment by more than double and also helped boost the net profits of the whole firm because of the expansion of the market share of the company due to its involvement with the New York Stock Exchange Market.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco also completed the acquisition of the HSBC Brazilian branch which helped to publicise the company thus increasing its market. This is one of the main reasons that created him an excellent reputation that made him awarded the entrepreneur of the year award during the same year.

When he was named as the president of the bank, he was able to reduce the debts of the bank that were left by the previous president and the Chief Executive Officer of the bank Mr Brandao. It is with no doubt that Luiz Carlos Trabuco will live to be appreciated for his significant contributions towards the growth of Bradesco Bank.

Things You Need to Know about Flavio Maluf

The economy of Brazil has slightly grown as compared to 2017. The analysis was done by the Institute of Geography and Statistics in the country with Flavio Maluf giving his views on the subject. Besides, Maluf pointed out that the livestock and agricultural sectors were profoundly impacted by the truck drivers’ strike that took place for almost two weeks in the country. As a result, there were delays in the transportation of the products and farmers could not get a way to deliver their products to the port. The crisis will affect the GDP of the agricultural sector in the second quarter due to the truck drivers’ strike. Maluf, however, insists that the productivity of the country has increased over the recent years and he believes that it will keep increasing in the coming years. Visit to learn more.

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex Company, which is a family-owned business. Born in 1961, Flavio acquired a degree in Engineering AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He has achieved major successes over the recent years and he officially took over the leadership of the Eucatex Company in 1997. He has always shown a great dedication towards his work and having been raised in a family full of entrepreneurs, he acquired his vast skills in the field at a young age. Prior to becoming the president and CEO of the Eucatex firm, Flavio served as the president of Grand food. His successes have been associated with his positive attitude and ability to exercise teamwork.

He encourages entrepreneurs that choose to venture into the world of business to ensure that they take the approach with caution as the field is filled with a lot of myths. He insisted that people`s idea of working less while serving as a firms executive are usually overrated and instead he insists that firms owners that ought to succeed in their ventures ought to put a lot of effort towards accomplishing the goals of their firms. Flavio Maluf is an inspiration to many people and his ability to warn and guide people on the possible risks associated with investments has seen a vast number of people seek his counsel. Read more:


Financial Expert Jeff Yastine Gives the Lowdown on the Status of Amazon

Amazon has long been enjoying the benefits of dominating the e-commerce marketplace. Leaving its other competitors such as eBay and major retail websites far behind, Amazon ranks as the number one e=commerce center for people to buy a myriad of products online. We all know that products mean large amounts of profits over time, but according to financial expert Jeff Yastine–not for long. Visit to know more.

Why Jeff Yastine Thinks Amazon May Be In Trouble

During one of President Donald Trump’s tweets, there was a scathing message left to Jeff Bezos of Amazon. He commented that it created a disturbance in the retail industry and left a big hole in the physical selling of products in the market. Another former Walmart executive stated that Amazon should be going through federal anti-trust laws.

Another figure in Walmart, Bill Simon, mentioned that Amazon is not considered a business in the retail industry. He went on to say that Amazon is merely an entity that caused many retailers to suffer from the financial loss. Amazon cannot be considered competition for physical retailers, but merely a life-sucking predator that presents unfair policies.

According to Jeff Yastine, it is a given that many rivals would comment on the e-commerce success of Amazon. He believes that it is at a stage where physical retailers and their representatives are airing their concerns about Amazon, and he believes that it is only in due time that the e-commerce giant will undergo some major turbulence in its exponential success.

Jeff Yastine and His Opinion On Antitrust Laws

It is fundamental for any business to understand the policies of Antitrust. Jeff Yastine explained the case of Amazon, where the company gained a high level of success which resulted in a seemingly unfair advantage. Antitrust laws are made to help in making industries grow, to prevent monopoly, and to allow just business practices. There are some companies that dominate because of quality performance, but some companies may be at risk of monopolizing due to unfair business policies. Antitrust laws are basically made to protect free trade.

Free trade is not only beneficial for the consumer, but also for the aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to enter the scene. As the dawn of e-commerce has swept through America, Mr. Jeff Yastine believes that there will be more policies in the future to protect free trade. Read more: